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1st Year Subjects List Name in Pakistan

1st year is a very important class in the educational career of a students that is why have a look on the 1st Year Subjects List Name in Pakistan because when a students clear his or her Matric level education then they move towards the college and at that stage most of the students are unaware from the next subject list that they will read in the 1st year. Now at that stage students go for the subjects according to wish of their elder and on some advice from the student fellow or relative which is not good at all. In 1st Year a students should have the liberty to choose the subject in which he or she is interested that will cause a good result in all their next educational career. Well when a student clear his or her Matric level education than there are five ways in front of them that is either they have taste in Engineering, or Medical, Commerce or Computer Sciences or it is simple Fine Arts. The complete subject list with the other details of that courses is listed here below on this page so have a look and choose the best option for your career.

1st Year Subjects List Name in Pakistan

1st Year Subjects List Name in Pakistan

FSc Pre Engineering:

All those candidates who wanted to an Engineer in the future could go for the FSC Pre Engineering course where the basic education of Engineering will be provided to the students so that after completing their Intermediate level they could join an engineering university and become an engineer in their favorite field.

FSc Pre Medical:

All those students who have a wish to become a Doctor in their professional life have to choose the FSc Pre Medical Subject but students with the science subjects in the matric only have to choice to go for the FSc Pre Medical. Biology will be the main subject of the FSc Pre Medical Course and then after completing the Intermediate level eduction with good marks students will be able to join Medical Colleges and then they will be a doctor.


Intermediate in Computer Sciences ICS is also a choice in front of students who choose computer subject instead of Mathematics at Matric Level. Those students who have a little taste towards the technology and the computer applications matters should have to go for the ICS as this course will deeply provide all the computer education to you so that in your professional career computer will be your best option.


Intermediate in Commerce ICom is a choice of thousands of students every year the reason behind choosing this subject is may be the number of jobs after doing ICom is more than other field as each organization requires a accountant that will take care of their all financial matters. Subjects in the ICom is totally of the Mathematics category.


Fine Arts FA is selected by only those students who have more interest in the arts field so they choose their career path from the Matric level as when they clear the 8th class exams they have a choice to go for the science or arts subject and if you chose arts subject then After matric FA is waiting for you to come and create some thing really interesting.

So these are the 1st year subjects list name in Pakistan along with detailed eligibility, admission process, scope and career are all discussed here. Hope you have decided that what you are going to choose in your intermediate level studies which gathers a massive importance in your career.

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  1. can i continue my education online? i did my matric from karachi now i m in islamabad and i wanted to do inter in arts. i mmarried i want to studyat home.

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