Role of NGOs in Pakistan development

Non-governmental organizations are one very crucial and significant sector in the development of every country especially talking about Pakistan which is still a developing country and is striving hard to sustain their efforts for attaining the development. Role of Role of NGOs in Pakistan Development. NGO’s are those respective organizations which are not under the control neither federal nor the provincial government but are being owned by either the foreign country’s groups or even domestic people who are working for the beneficial of the humanity and for the cause of national survival and development. In Pakistan there are so many NGO’s which are working hard for the survival of humanity and for the sake of people. NGO’s are playing one of the very crucial roles in the development of Pakistan because they are taking care of those sectors, those people which were neglected by the both federal and provincial government. The working of NGO’s has so many benefits for a country and helps them attain the development because the major benefit is that they share the burden with the local government. In Pakistan the government is not that much stable neither they have unlimited resources which can enable them to work on such projects but through the introduction and working of several renowned NGO’s they have shared the burden with the government as the load of such activities have been reduced.

Role of NGOs in Pakistan development

Role of NGOs in Pakistan development

Another key benefit of such non-governmental organizations is that such organizations bring international currency in to the country which improves the economic conditions of the country. In Pakistan such organizations is working for such cause and in this process they appreciate the foreign currency in the forms of aid and financial help because many of the NGO’s are working on the charities and donations both nationally and internationally. There is so many NGO’s working from which one of the few which have the most popularity amongst the people includes:

  • Edhi trust
  • Shaukat Khanam
  • Mehmuda Sultana
  • Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz trust
  • Sarin Barni

These trust and NGO’s are working for the welfare of people and social disparity and for that purpose they have brought the entire nation under one roof and working hard to remove all the racist and sect differences which will ultimately enhance the solidarity and patriotism mong the people of Pakistan and will give them the love for the humans which is one of the core feelings which are being considered as missing among the people of Pakistan. So NGO’s are working tirelessly for the development of Pakistan and are one of the major constituents in this respective cause.

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