Why The Education System of Pakistan Fails

Pakistan was being created on the basis of education then why the education system of Pakistan fails. This ideology was only understood by the Muslims of subcontinent when they got exposed to education, so we do have strong roots and foundation for a good education system. Still if a survey will be conducted it will be revealed that in Europe and UK still there are many engineers and scientists who have studied in Pakistan, than how the educational system of our state fails. Where are the drawbacks and flows that our students are forced to go to abroad for their higher education? This is only because we have lost the standards of education not the quality; still the education system of Pakistan is far better than the education system of any developed country of the world.

Why Education System of Pakistan Fails

Why The Education System of Pakistan Fails

The problem lies that it was two decades before the present era from where we started to go wrong. The people of that era adopted such unethical habits and desires which started to get in to the back bone of this system and start to damage it. People started to become selfish, self-concerned only and materialistic. They only gave themselves the preference and for that purpose they indulged themselves in corruption and fraud. That is the main reason why the education system of Pakistan has lost its worth and significance.

Here we have quality of education but still the student can score the highest marks even without appearing in those respective exams. In our education system we have observed the allocation of fake degrees to the one which need it either for going abroad, doing any business or even getting into their political career, papers are being switched and even references are being used for personal interest, so such activities has damaged the validity and authenticity of the education of Pakistan.

The government has although imposed the restriction of making the primary education compulsory for all the students but they didn’t make any check and balance as the students heads towards the government schools but there are no teachers, which forces the students to make their way towards the private institutes and here the financial limitations hinder in between which ultimately forces the students to leave the education and get themselves involved in any other particular activity, so the system of education is Pakistan is not wrong neither it has been failed the need is only to maintain the standards give equal rights and benefits to all the students irrespective of their approach and their status. We just lack in proper check and balance and once this is being established than we can make the education system of Pakistan as one of the very best in entire world.

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