Pakistani Corporate and Organizational Culture

The corporate and organizational culture of Pakistan has shown several diversions and differences. These are mainly on the basis of the norms and the values of the organizations which are different of each of them from the others. The organizational culture of any firm and organization has a huge impact on the employees of the organization, as the positive culture of an organization will inculcate positive impacts on the employee’s performance and the negative culture will surely deduce the performance of the employees. In several organizations of Pakistan the typical authoritative culture is being demonstrated by the leaders as they are the bass and they have the employee working under them which don’t have any right to speak up in front of the boss or the seniors, in such cultures Boss is always right strategy is being forcefully implemented as it states that the bass has all the power and authority and he don’t like the sharing of power so what he has said is the ultimate order and has to be fulfilled at every cost. The biggest example of such culture is the textile industry.

Pakistani Corporate and Organizational Culture

Pakistani Corporate and Organizational Culture

There are organizations which have involved all the employees with them as the information flow in such organizations is in both directions; from top to bottom as well as bottom to top. In such organization employees are considered as the asset of the firm and are involved in the decision making, although not every employee of every level is being involved but still many of them are given the right to speak and give the feedback. These firms include the banking sector as well as the educational institutes of Pakistan.

There are many Pakistani organizations and corporate firms which have given each employee the full liberty to give their precious information as such organizations are willing to adopt the change in them which can be beneficial in the cause of the organization. Such firms have full belief on the power sharing as the authority is not being conserved in one hand but is being distributed in the people. Group sharing nd group works are being more promoted and preferred as compared to divided works. This brings more effectively and efficiency in the decisions as the decision which is being made by one brain is now being made by the combined several brains of several people, so best out of the best is being opted. Such Pakistani Corporate and Organizational Culture culture is being observed in Telecom industry and many other growing industries in Pakistan.

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