Why Pakistani Students are Weak in English

Do you know that what are the reason behind Why Pakistani Students are Weak in English as Pakistan is a country which has Urdu as the national language and mother language so it is obvious that the language which is not their mother tongue; they would be week in it. Although English is the official language of Pakistan but still it is not being promoted at the initial and primary level which is one of the core reason that the people of Pakistan especially the students are very much weak in the English language. This weakness prevails both in speaking and writing bit mainly the problem is being identified in speaking as the students are not very much comfortable while speaking English language they also witness problems while writing it too.

Why Pakistani Students are Weak in English

Why Pakistani Students are Weak in English

One of the crucial reasons for the weakness of Why Pakistani Students are Weak in English is that they are nor taught English as the compulsory subjects in many of the local primary schools from where the students starts their academic career. It is very important in inculcate this language in to the base of this students because once the base is formed of Urdu language than it will be more than impossible for them to re-inculcate the English language in to them.  So it is very much important to make all the Urdu medium schools transformed in to English medium institutes so that from the very basic the students should learn this language and if this is being done than it is obvious that the students will feel far more comfortable in dealing with this official language.

Another reason which is responsible for the weakness in English language as Pakistani students are concerned is the lack of confidence. Again this lack of confidence is due to the weak grip on this language which makes the students dis heart and confused while dealing with this language. Whenever they strive to acquire the knowledge regarding this language and they work hard to speak and write their fear comes in the way and makes the task more difficult for them to accomplish.

Students are highly discouraged while they speak English language in their conversations or even when they try to speak they are highly discouraged and people make fun of them, this demotivates the students and for the next time he even don’t give up a try for it. That is another very important reason which has resulted in the weakness Pakistani Students in English language especially amongst the Pakistani students.

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