Career in Pakistan Navy as PN Cadet, Engineering, Short Service Commission

Career in Pakistan Navy as PN cadet, engineering, short service commission as Pakistan Navy is one of the most dignified and honored profession in which an individual can prevail his/her career is the best possible manner. When career in Navy is being taken under consideration there are three possibilities or options for the candidate in which he can apply for. It is because Pakistan Navy is an armed force of Pakistan so that is why it always hire and appoint well intellectual and hard working candidates who have the ability to hold and to regulate the duties under a well designed criterion of Pak Navy. Moreover it is always a dream of each candidate to join Pakistan Navy and if you have also same intentions towards your career then lets have a look that what is the career in Pakistan navy for you…

Career in Pakistan Navy

Career in Pakistan Navy as PN Cadet, Engineering, Short Service Commission

1. Career in Pakistan Navy as PN Cadet

After recruitment as cadets, Pakistan Naval Academy serves as the cradle, grooming them professionally, morally, educationally, mentally and physically. Personality traits of individuals are developed which result in proficient Naval Officers equipped with the highest ideals of loyalty, honor, courage and dedication. After getting this training for 11/2years the cadets pass out as midshipmen and can join the ships onboard, which after a further 6 months training the cadet is being commissioned as Sub-Lieutenants. In the same manner they have training regarding operations branch manager, Mechanical Branch Officer and Logistics Branch Officer.

The Eligibility criteria for these options are that the male should be a Pakistani national and the age for Civilian candidate and the service candidate are 161/2 -21 years and 17-23 years respectively. The civilian candidates should be unmarried and should have the minimum height of 5 feet 4 inches. The candidate should have successfully passed his intermediate (FSC-pre engineering) with 60% or more marks or should have done his A-Levels in physics, math’s and chemistry.

2. Career in Pakistan Navy as Engineering Cadets:

After spending 26 weeks at PNA, the candidate passes out as midshipmen and joins the ships. The candidate is kept on board for 26 weeks so that he can learn all practical know how, and after that he is designated as the sib-lieutenants.

The candidate applying should be unmarried and should have the nationality of Pakistan, while his age should be less than 26 years and with a minimum height of 5 feet and 4 inches. The academic eligibility criteria for engineering cadets is BE electrical or electronics for operations and weapon engineering, Branch of Submarine service. The candidate having done BE in mechanical for marine engineering branch of submarine service or even BE Avionics for aviation branch are also considered eligible for the respective designation.

3.   Career in Pakistan Navy as Short Service Commission:

The induction of ten short service commission officers in the education branch and the law branch is done on the basic of requirement and when needed, basically it is a 5year duration program and may be extended and converted into permanent commission. A nine months training is being provided when the candidate is hired.

The eligibility criteria is that the male or female who are applying for this post must be the citizen of Pakistan, and should not have age over 28 years while their height should not be less than 5 feet and 4 inches. While their academic requirement is that they must be MA or MSC is Physics, Math, Chemistry, Psychology, Islamic Studies, English and Urdu with at least a 2nd division from any recognized university.

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