Speech On Quaid e Azam In English On 25 December

Whenever does anyone ask in the world that who is the founder of Pakistan? The name of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah Inevitably comes on the tongue. He did a great job to achieve his ambition for his nation which is able to write in golden words and here I am going to elaborate a short speech on Quaid e Azam in English on 25 December or we can say it is the anniversary of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He was an influential personality and a committed as well as an honest person and was very much stubborn in a sense that when he decides to do something no matter how difficult the task is and no matter what difficulties will hinder in the way he will just continue his struggle and will strive hard for the success and achievement of his goals. It was 25th December 1876 when this great personality of Pakistan was born at Vazeer Mansion in Karachi. Jinnah was very keen and serious to his work so from the start he had the urgency of learning and acquiring knowledge and that was the reason that he went to London for his higher education and practiced law there and returned back to Bombay as the lawyer. Muslims at that time needed a lawyer in their favor because they were being ruled out by the cruel and thrashing behavior of the British and the Hindus both.

Speech On Quaid e Azam In English On 25 December

“Wo Mulk Banane Ka Jazba Jo Har Ik DilMein Basta Tha
Bahir Nikla Jazbon Se Mila Or Mil K Bana Tufaan
Ik Fehm-E-Firasat Se Is Ne JazbonKi QayadatAyse Ki
Wo Quaid E Azam Kehlaya OrBaani-E-Pakistan Bana”

Speech On Quaid e Azam In English On 25 December

In the early ages Mohammad Ali Jinnah was a huge ambassador of the two-nation theory that determines that there are two different people living in Sub-continent and both should be treated fairly as they both have the equal rights but due to the unfair treatment of Hindus soon Mr. Jinnah realized that it was of no use and he laid the foundation of the first ever Muslim political party when he formed the All India Muslim League in 1919.

Speech On Quaid e Azam In English On 25 December

It was his great efforts hat brought all the Muslims of the sub-continent under one shingle leader and under one solidarity ideology which was leading towards the independence. Jinnah realized that Muslims are one nation which should have a separate homeland because they have their own values, cultures and religious obligations so for that respective purpose he started striving and convincing people to move on the road to freedom and son or later he was successful in gathering an enormous army walking on his footprints.

“No Nation Can Rise to The Height

of Glory Unless Your women

Are Side By Side With You.”

The entire world at that time was astonished and amused by this migration and was so impressed by the new leader that congratulations were being forwarded from the entire world to Jinnah for his success. For this very reason, there is a verse of poem from a patriotic national song which says that

“Azad Hain Azad Rahain Ge Ye Musalmaan
Eh Quaid E Azam Tera Ahsan Hai Ahsan
Yun Di Hamain Azadi K Duniya Hui Hairan
Eh Quaid E Azam Tera Ahsan Hai Ahsan”

So being Muslims and also being Pakistani we should pay tribute to this mesmerizing leader one nation can ever had, the only difference between the Pakistan of today and at the time of Independence is that at that time Muslims were having a nation but no separate homeland but now we do have a separate homeland but unfortunately our nation has lost in the darkness.

Speech On Quaid e Azam In English On 25 December

So this is the short speech on Quaid e Azam in English On 25 December and this year in 2016 we are going to celebrate the 68th anniversary of the founder of Pakistan on Sunday 25/12/2016. Generally, it is a public holiday in Pakistan.

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