A Hostel Life of Student Essay

Hostels Life Essay are becoming one compulsory part of education in the modern world for the students. This is because the competition has risen so much that it is not possible for all the students to get admission in the colleges and universities in their own city. So for the purpose of education the students are forced to leave their cities and to migrate for institutes in the other cities which bring the factor of hostel under considerations. Another reason which has made the hostels more popular are the students which have come from rural areas in seek of education and have got admission in the schools and colleges in the urban areas, so as they don’t have home and accommodation resources so for the purpose of accommodation they have to choose the hostels.

A Hostel Life of Student Essay

A Hostel Life of Student Essay


The hostel life of a student is full of pros and cons as it have positive and negative impact on the students but the main thing is that it depends upon the students mind shift that which option he selects. Hostel life is far more different and difficult as compared to the life at home. The positive point of hostel life is that the students can concentrate on their education only and are not disturbed by the home activities which hinder the student’s concentration. At home there are always guests and friends coming which disturbs the student’s focus so he is unable to concentrate properly while in hostels the student is all alone if he wants to be so no one is there to disturb him, or to break his concentration. Hostels are always selected near the respective college or the university so it can reduce the time lost in traveling form the home to the college and even it can reduce the transportation cost which is being incurred when the students comes to college for the home. Student in hostels can form their own routine as there is no family restriction so even the individual can enjoy his student life according to his own style as there is no check and balance on him.

As there is no check and balance that is why in the majority cases the hostel life of a student becomes one of the key factors which destroys the life of students or even which hinders in their education. In student life the children are young and less sensible so if there is no one to look after than they might get indulge in unethical as well as illegal activities which might include, gambling, fighting, theft and even illegal physical relations. The students get their expense from their families but the families don’tknow that where the expense are being done, so in such cases students fall in wrong hands and destroys their life. So it is basically on the side of the students that what they choose from their hostel life; the negativity part of the positivity part.

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