Democracy VS. Dictatorship In Pakistan Essay

Democracy VS. Dictatorship In Pakistan Essay: In democracy, there is a form of government, a systematic process of working of institutions with legal frameworks formulated by the representatives of majority. Democracy was adopted as a primary system of Pakistan, when it was emerged as a nation on the map of World. Since the inception Pakistan, it faced many challenges for the formation and development of democracy. Democratic rule is better for the development and growth of the economy. Though, Pakistan was created on the basis of democracy but democracy was diminished too many times by the power hunger persons. They manipulated the basic forms of democracy for their personal interests and benefits.

In the following passage procedure of the selection of democratize members is given. Representative are selected from all classes of social cluster by free and fair elections, democratic government represents all classes of the society irrespective of their religious , ethnic and professional background. Women’s to marginalized group people of deferent background participate in election. In addition to this, more than one party participates in election and there is freedom of speech and association. People gather in the form of group and canvass for their candidates and party. In the whole procedure people should cast their votes to elect their members of National and Provincial Assemblies.

Democracy VS. Dictatorship In Pakistan Essay

Democracy VS. Dictatorship In Pakistan Essay


There is one party, one programming one man show in the dictatorship. Pakistan itself faced a huge period as govern by the dictators. Initially, it was started in 1958, when the coups take over the country leadership and dismissed the constitutional assembly. Furthermore, Pakistan faced three major periods of dictatorship and it faced strong sanctions from the western side of the world. One should not say that, in the Military coups Pakistan did not growth its economy. It is a fact that the General Ayub era considered as a “Golden era” in the 68th years history of Pakistan.

In addition to this, the worse form of democracy is better than dictatorship. Only one person decides about the fate of the people of a country. His decision is supreme and all in all. Legal, religious, educational, economical and social policy making is in the hand of one man, his seat is only the pivot of power in this autocratic system, only one party is allowed in this form of government.

Alongside this, the autocratic system destabilized the economy of the country. If we talk about Pakistan, it faced three times dictatorship in its history.  These autocrats molded the law of the country for their own interests and benefits. They did not work co-heartedly for the betterment of the country. Pakistan faced sanctions in the international community because of the panic political scenario of the country.

To conclude, democracy is the government of the people but dictatorship is the government of one man. Somehow, both form of governments are suitable the scenario of Pakistan. Similarly, one should say that the worst form of democracy is better than dictatorship. If we look at the progress of the economy, it shows that a devastating progress in the regime of dictatorship. The politicians are looting the wealth of the nation and not doing any progressive work for the betterment of the country. These are the politicians who are providing ways to army man’s to take over the countries management.

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