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Domestic Violence in Pakistan and Its Effects

Domestic Violence is one of the serious issues in Pakistan. It is the condition or behavior in marriages and cohabitation which involves by one person to another to treat in ridiculous manners. Pakistan is badly victim of this evil since a decade. According to past research, the ratio of domestic violence in Pakistan is increasing day by day with a percentage of 80 to 90% women are suffering from this abuse. Every year estimating 5000 women are killed due to domestic violence in Pakistan. According to the survey, Pakistan is ranked on third with respect to the domestic violence in the world. This is the alarming situation in the country which may lead to some serious type of issues in near future. There are so many causes and reasons of every specific thing in this world; similarly, there are so many cause and effects of domestic violence in Pakistan. Our Government should try to overcome this abuse and control the increasing ratio of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence in Pakistan and Its Effects

Domestic Violence in Pakistan and Its Effects

Effects of Domestic Violence:

Domestic Violence leads to so many severe effects some of them, we are going to discuss below in detail.

Mental Effects of Domestic Violence:

  • There are so many mental effects of domestic violence in which depression and anxiety are the most common problems which are arises due to this abuse. It also leads to the prolonged sadness.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorders which leads to nightmares, extreme anxiety and uncontrollable thoughts which sometimes lead to mental problems.
  • The major effect of domestic violence is suicide thought, ideas, and suicide attempts
  • Domestic Violence leads to the addiction of alcohol and drugs in order to release frustration and stress.
  • It weakens even overcome the power or sense of questioning and harms the self-esteem.

 Emotional and Spiritual Effects of Domestic Violence:

  • Domestic Violence badly affects the emotional spiritual levels of thinking and working.
  • Hopelessness and confused about everything are the major emotional effects of this serious abuse.
  • The survivor badly leads to the worse feeling of unworthy and unmotivated, which result in the depreciation for future goals.
  • Inability to trust and doubting factors are falls on the list of major effects of domestic violence.

Physical Effects of Domestic Violence:

  • At least 45% women and 40% men are going through minor physical injuries and effects of domestic violence includes bruises, scratches and swelling are most common
  • Headaches are the most common physical effect of this domestic abuse which further leads to the hair fall into a severe headache
  • Gynecological injuries also fall in the physical domestic violence in most of the cases.
  • Pregnancy complications and the sexually transmitted diseases are also the lead to the severe physical effects.

Social Effects of Domestic Violence:

  • Domestic abuse badly ruined or stained the relationships in a society and gives bad impacts on your family background too.
  • It also leads to the isolation from friends, family, society and superlative individuals
  • It ultimately spoils the repo or image of a survivor in the society and he/she just holds a position of the useless

Hence these are all the domestic violence in Pakistan and its effects on social life. You can prepare this article for your school and college essay or speech competition and exams preparation. Both the schools, college and university level students can prepare this piece of article.

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