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Essay On A Visit To A Historical Place Mohenjo Daro

I have written details Essay On A Visit To A Historical Place Mohenjo Daro: Last week, me and my class along with my teachers made a visit to the historical place Mohenjo Daro. We took permission from my parents and finally made our destination to Mohenjo Daro. I reached school at 7:00 am and was very excited to see my friends and teachers. It was a bright sunny day. We sat on the bus and made our headway to Mohenjo Daro. While on the bus, we had some drinks and snacks because we were feeling quite hungry. Finally, we reached Mohenjo Daro. It was the most ancient site and surprised to see such an old and ancient site in my country. We thoroughly visited this site and our teachers elaborated and explained each and every detailing about this site. Many objects were placed in this site, we saw that dancing girl, preist king, pashupati seal and that ancient necklace. We also took pictures along with those objects.

Essay On A Visit To A Historical Place Mohenjo Daro

Facts About The Name of Mohenjo-Daro:

Our teacher told us that Mohenjo-Daro also known by the name of Mound of the Dead is an archeological site. It is in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. It was built around 2600 BCE and one of the largest settlements of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. It was abandoned in the 19th century BCE and then was not rediscovered until 1922. Its original name is unknown. Mohenjo-Daro is located in Larkana District in the middle of the flood plain of this Indus River Valley, The site has a central position between the Indus River and the Ghaggar-Hakra River.

Dancing Girl:

She told us that this is a bronze statuette “Dancing Girl” of 10.5 centimeters and it is 4,500 years old. In 1973, British archaeologist ranked it as his favorite statuette: Another archeologist explained the figure as “a young girl. This statue paved the way two important discoveries, metal blending and entertainment of dancing


We saw this sculpture that was 17.5 centimeters tall. Our teachers told us that it is a bearded man along with an armband, and also a cloak which is decorated with trefoil patterns. The hair is combed towards the back of the heads. The left shoulder has been covered with a cloak and this cloak is decorated with trefoil. The eyes are incised and upper lip is shaved.

Pashupati Seal:

We also saw a cross-legged seal surrounded by animals, most of the archaeologists have called this seal as Lord of Animals.

Seven-stranded Mohenjo-Daro Necklace:

This Necklace was 4500 years old. It has an S-shaped clasp. It has bronze-metal bead and each and every bead is less than the size of a pepper-seed.

Finally, that time had arrived when we had to pack our bags and had to return to our homes, It was an enjoyable trip for me and also an educational trip. Hence finally it was an essay on a visit to a historical place Mohenjo Daro.


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