How To Register An NGO In Pakistan Procedure And Requirements

Before starting an NGO you have to read out this article about the complete guidance of how to register an NGO in Pakistan procedure and requirements. Non-Government Organization (NGO) works on the basis of no profit. It is an organization neither a part of the Government nor the part of any business. It means the government is not responsible for the budget or any financial activity of an NGO. These organizations are operated by the private persons or businessmen for the charity purposes. It deals with the charity work. In addition to this, NGO’s always there for the help of poor and needy people. In Pakistan, almost 146 registered NGO’s are working in different areas of interests. Pakistan is considered one of the most charitable countries of the world. In Pakistan, need help as well as they help the needy. In Pakistan, numbers of organizations are working for the betterment of the country and trying to improve the economy of the country by providing education, employment, health services etc. Furthermore, every country has a set of rules and regulations for the registration of any charitable institution or organization. In this passage, we will elaborate the easy NGO registration procedure in Pakistan, so anyone who wants to register his NGO may get help from it.

How To Register An NGO In Pakistan Procedure And Requirements

How To Register An NGO In Pakistan Procedure And Requirements

Requirements of An NGO:

Objective of NGO;

The main important part before starting an NGO is to be clear in its objectives. The objective of the organization should be classified so it could be achieved. You can start working for the qualification of poor children, you can serve a society for the betterment of streets, you can start an NGO for street animals like Dog keepings, street cats and foundation free dispensaries. Similarly, there are lots of other unique NGO ideas are also available through which you can serve the public in the better ways.


NGO must have a proper name. It should represent the motive of the NGO. If the NGO is working for the betterment of children it may have named as “Saving Children”. It is more appropriate to choose a good and meaningful name.


It is the major requirement of the Organization that NGO should have a proper channel and means of fundraising. All details of their fund donors must be provided to the officials of government. Further, the NGP should provide the banking detail of its funds.

NGO Registration Process:

In the method about how to register an NGO in Pakistan procedure and requirements? this is an important topic to read before starting the procedure for registering a non governmental organization. Here is the registration process of an NGO. It is in detail and an easy way to register an NGO to work for the improvement of the needy people. in the following side, I have written down the procedure in step by step instructions through which you can obtain a legal running organization.

  1. Registration fees of Rs. 520 must be deposited in any branch of National Bank of Pakistan in a/c number, co3818 through Treasury Challan (32-A).
  2. It must have at least 7 members.
  3. All members attested copies of CNIC’s
  4. An Affidavit on stamp paper has worth Rs. 20 required to confirm the authenticity of documents and confirmation of not to repeat the name of the organization.
  5. A certified copy of trust deed is required registered by Sub- Registrar.
  6. The NGO must have facilities and proper working address.

The NGO’s register for the betterment of the society and these should have to work within the boundaries defined by the government. It is clearly mentioned in the Memorandum of Association that, the NGO must not be involved in any illegal activity. If it is found it will be dealt with iron hands and maybe leads toward the cancelation of its registration. It was the complete instructions about how to register an NGO in Pakistan procedure and requirements for any person even he or she is a student, a businessmen, or anyone else. You can further add your comments in the following commenting sectionf or taking more asistance regarding this topic.

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