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Kashmir Day Speech For School In English

Today I bring the topic of 5 February Kashmir Day Speech for School in English under my discussion in simple worlds. Kashmir Solidarity Day or simply the Kashmir Day is illustrated by the harmony of Pakistanis and Kashmiris in the favor of the nation of Jammu Kashmir is the state of Pakistan but not of India. Well, here before starting the details of my speech, I would like to differentiate the Azad Kashmir and Jammu Kashmir. These are two states of Kashmir where the Azad Kashmir comes under the regimen of Pakistan, while the Jammu Kashmir is also a state of Kashmir which is administrated by India. Back in August 1947, when Pakistan and India were separated from sub-continent as two independent countries the Kashmir officially came under the territory of Pakistan, but the then-prime minister of Kashmir was Maharaja Hari Singh who said that Kashmir will be the part of India. Later that it was decided that the Kashmir will be tore into parts; Azad Kashmir and Jammu Kashmir. Since then till date, Kashmir is a bone of contention between India and Pakistan.

Kashmir Day Speech For School In English

Kashmir Day Speech For School In English

This year kashmir day is more special for Pakistan people. You have knowldge PM Modi is killing kasmir people life and rights. Still Kashmir is suffering in lockdown. Under the instruction of PM Pakistan and Pakistan army this year Kashmir day will celebrate with huge celebration becuase through this worldwide Kashmir issue highlight.

Kashmir Day Holiday In Pakistan:

After the anticipation of Kashmir Day, the government of Pakistan decided that on this day all the public and private schools, universities, offices even all the works will be shut down for a general public Kashmir day holiday in Pakistan. The purpose for endorsing this holiday is to convey a missive towards the oppressed Kashmiri Nation that we are with them at all and wishing to get an Independent Kashmir from Indian’s maltreating.

History of Kashmir Day 5 February:

Before 1990, there was no any concept of Kashmir day was originated, but in 1990 the Then-Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif called a meeting under the supervision of Pakistan Army and the Jamaat-e-Islami and proposed the 5 February for the Kashmir Solidarity Day. Since then to now, not only in Pakistan but all over the world people use to arrange different arrangements to keep them alive in the sight of the nation so that the people could be aware of the importance of Kashmir and the vote of Kashmiris for the favor of Pakistan.

Kashmir Day Celebration in Schools:

Almost each school officials arranges different Kashmir day celebration in schools to highlight the importance and significances of this day.  The new generation is getting back to the history of Pakistan. They are not taking that topic in their books which can aware them about the importance of Pakistani history so that is why such celebrations make students aware of the motivations to set their goals to take some special steps in the betterment of Kashmir the state of Pakistan. The different stage play is arranged where the students dressed in Pak Army uniform and the Kashmiris citizen who are bearing the oppression of the Indian Army.


The conclusion says that the officials especially the Pakistan Army can only hold this situation with the unity of Kashmiri and Pakistani nation. They both have to stand up at the same time and put the case to get officially the right to get Kashmir in the favor of Pakistan. These steps will prove better for the formation of a new Kashmir which will be the independent part of Pakistan.

Hence I have written all the details about Kashmir day speech for school in English, where I have discussed almost all the important points of discussion. While if you add your own edition in this speech then it will be more good for an effective speech. You can also share your comments in the following commenting section regarding Kashmir Solidarity day.

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