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Muslim Scientist And Their Inventions In Urdu

Muslim Scientists have great contribution in this world and they have done great inventions. There is not a single field in which the Muslim scientists have not contributed. They have discovered and invented many things thousands of years ago accurately. The latest science is following those scientists and taking help from their writings. Their writing are save in the libraries of the Europe and other western countries. They not only take help from those books but also study these books in their colleges and universities. Their inventions are great and are not negotiable. The greatest inventions like invention of Bulb, Binocular and many others are also done by these Muslim scientists. After reading this article you will come to know about the Muslim scientist and their inventions in Urdu, which are listed below.

 Muslim Scientist And Their Inventions In Urdu

Muslim Scientist And Their Inventions In Urdu
muslim scientists and their inventions in urdu List

1: Jabir Bin Hayyan

He was the first chemist of Arab as well as famous as the father of chemistry.  He was good at making steel, varnish, white cloths and dying leather. Jabir Ibn Hayyan has also invented acid and Aqua Regia.

2: Muhammad Ibn Musa Al-khwarizmi:

He was the mathematician and the founder of writing style of current digits. He has strengthened the foundations of Algebra. This scientist has also written two books named as ‘Hisab al adad” and ‘Hisab al jabar wal Muqabala’.

3: Yaqub Al Kindi 

He has worked on sound and gathered information about the density of sound. He has study on the shape of Human ear.

4: Ali ibn Sahl Rabban Al-Tabari:

Name of Ali Ibn Al-Tavari is always written in golden words in the list of muslim scientist and their inventions in Urdu. It is because has wrote essays on animals, emotions and space. He has written a book on medicine named as Firdos Al Hikmata.

5: Muhammad Al-Idrisi:

Idrisi was one of the biggest geographic in Arab. He has made the first map of the earth more than eight hundred years ago.

6: Ibn Juljul:

Abu Dawud Sulayman ibn Hassan, also prominent as Ibn Juljul. He was the master of medicine science. No one can compete him in diagnose disease and benefits of medicine.

7: Ziauldin Ibn al Baitar:

He is the doctor from Indlus. He has travel all across the world to gather plants and prepared new medicine from those plants. Aside from making medicine from plants he has also wrote many books.

8: Muhammad Ibn Zikarya Al-razi

He was the well known chemist. He has written two articles on surgery which are about Kidney stone and Bladder stone.

9: Abu al Qasim Al-Zahrawi:

He was one of the biggest surgeon and physician. He has done many critical and important operations. He has prepared operation tools for operation.

10: Ali Ibn Esa:

He was good in optics. He has researched on the shape of eye, its work and diseases of eyes in detail.

11: Abu Ali Hasan Ibn Hussain Ibn ul hashim:

Ibn Ul Hashim was a doctor from Arab. He has prepared the sketch of eye one thousand years ago and wrote his books Al-Manazir on optics. He has also researched on light and define light correctly for the firs ttime.

12: Ibn Sina:

He is the first person in the history of physics who have considered practically work as the best work. He was the first master of physics who have told that the light has limited speed. He has seen the Mercury planet with naked eye. He also told that how stones formed in Seas and told that how bones converted into stones in seas.

These are some famous Muslim scientist and their inventions. There are also huge lists of many other famous scientist from Muslim world. For more information please stay connected with us.

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