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Our National Festivals Essay Pakistan

Here I have wrote our national festivals essay Pakistan for your exams preparation points of view. This essay is written in simple English as a students of each level can learn. Before reading here I would like to mention that the religious festivals and national festivals are different. National festivals are those which are make after the history and our cultural background by our forefathers. while the Hajj is our religious festival which is ordered by Allah and told by Muhammad SAW. So now you get ready to explore Pakistan right from this post! Read this entire article and get know the over-viewed details about each national festival including a touch of history and the imprint on upcoming nation in Pakistan under the light of this festival. When a festival takes place and what are its arrangements by the Pakistani nationals are written here below this passage. Scroll down and read it all.

Our National Festivals Essay Pakistan

Our National Festivals Essay Pakistan

  1. SIBI MELA: SIBI is a town which is located in the Quetta province of Baluchistan on the 110 miles from the Quetta Sukkhar Highway. There people celebrate the 3 days SIBI Mela that is all included with the Traditional sports, exhibitions of handicrafts, dresses, jewelry; horse show, cattle show, camel & horse races, camel & horse dances, tent pegging, concerts and colorful stalls in industrial Exhibition. It celebrates every year.
  2. SINDH HORSE & CATTLE SHOW: Jacobabad is located near the Sukkhar its 85 Kms fare from the sukkhar and Jacobabad as these both cities are connected with the Karachi and in the Jacobabad “Sindh Horse and Cattle Show” Festival Celebrates for the 3 days. It is all involved in featuring with the traditional sports, exhibitions of handicrafts, dresses and jewelry; horse and cattle show, camel and horse races, camel and horse dances, tent pegging, bull racing, concerts and colorful stalls.
  3. BASANT KITE FLYING FESTIVAL: The Basant festival held in the end of winter season and arrival of spring. It is celebrated in the entire country that is all added with flying kites in the all over the Punjab. This festival starts at mid-night when the white kites flying in the sky are light in the midst of millions of flood lights from every roof top. Lahore, Kasoor, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Gujarat, Faisalabad and other major cities of Punjab become the hub of activities with sky full of kites of different styles, sizes and colors.
  4. MELA CHIRAGHAN: MELA Chiraghan held in the Lahore for the one week at the Shrine of a Famous saint. It celebrates near the Shalimar Gardens.
  5. SHANDUR POLO FESTVAL: The Shanur Polo Festival is the festive and colorful tournament that is played between the top divisional teams of Gilgit, Chitral, Hunza & Skardu.
  6. SHAH ABDUL LATIF BHITTAI’S FESTIVAL: This festival is the Urs for 6 days which celebrates every year. This festival is held every year as it marks the Urs celebration of the popular Sindhi mystic Shah Abdul Sehwan Sharif. As this festival takes place during August-September each year.
  7. Eid ul Fitr: Eid ul Fitr is the Biggest Islamic festival which celebrates every year in all over the world. It is 3 days festival at the end of Ramzan as it is all included with cultural and social activities.

in the end you are advised that never mixed with the topic details. Our national festivals essay Pakistan is all written here with headings. you can add more data you know and you must add the conclusions after your topic and written material.

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