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Food Science And Technology In Pakistan

The profession of Food Science and Technology in Pakistan is becoming very wider over the last few years. We are telling its scope, jobs, salary, and subjects for BS and MSc. This degree is also known as food engineering in Pakistan which deals with the study of the selection, preservation, checking, processing, production, and distribution of food. It also refers to the examination and investigation of food. The responsibilities of Food Technicians are to check the microbiology, physical and chemical composition of food. It also deals with all type of food around us and to maintain the hygienic level of food. This field is very diverse and falls in the list of high paying fields in Pakistan. If you are searching for detailed info regarding Food Science and Technology scope in Pakistan, jobs opportunities in different sectors, starting salary, admission eligibility criteria for admission in BSc and MSc, you can easily find here all these. Below listed information will probably enhance your knowledge in the field of Food Science and Technology.

Food Science And Technology In Pakistan

Now we are going to start a detailed discussion about this study program, and I am suggesting you that you must read out the article. after that, you will get the instructions and suggestions about either this course will be beneficiary and suitable for you or not.

Food Science And Technology Scope, Salary, Jobs in Pakistan

Food Science and Technology Scope In Pakistan:

There is a huge scope of food science and technology in Pakistan. As you know Pakistan is the under developing country, there is a feeding problem in most of the cities of Pakistan. It is also known as a good study program with the highest paying job opportunities in several sectors. Nowadays, Pakistan’s food department is intending for the reasonable and qualified faculty for the inspection and the security of healthy and halal food in markets. Moreover, there are lots of food manufacturing companies like K&Ns, Knorr, and there is a big number of food companies where you can start your career.

Food Science and Technology Salary In Pakistan:

The expected salary of a Food Technologist is minimum Rs. 35000/- plus after BSc while after MSc a technologist can receive starting salary Rs. 50, 000/- plus per month including bonus annually. Most of the people are move on the different positions after serving 10 years as a food technologist. I recommend studying Food Science and Technology in order to gain challenging guts in the modern age of competition.

Food Science And Technology Jobs in Pakistan:

There are superior jobs after food science and technology in Pakistan. It is concluded in many diverse fields. Food Technology is fall in the list of top and highest paying job opportunities not only in Pakistan but most of the countries of the world. There is a huge number of sectors in which Food Science Technicians can be employed. The wide range is listed below in detail.

  • Research Organizations / Centers
  • Agricultural Provincial and Federal Government Departments
  • Educational Organizations
  • Food Authorities
  • Food Testing Laboratories
  • Local and International, Multinational Food Industries
  • Small Business Development Agencies
  • Consultancy Firms or Organizations
  • Dairy Sectors
  • Hotel Industries
  • Government Health and Food Departments
  • Food Regulatory and Certification Departments
  • Food Ingredient Suppliers

Eligibility Criteria for BSc Food Engineering:

The eligibility criteria for BSc Food Science and Technology in Pakistan may be different in different universities or institutes.

  • The interested candidate must have passed FSc Pre-Medical / Equivalent with major subjects of Biology, Physics, and Chemistry from any HEC recognize institute.
  • The interested candidate must have 50% marks in FSc.

Eligibility Criteria for MSc Food Technology:

The eligibility criteria for MSc Food Science and Technology is mention here in detail for those candidates who have the interest to become a specialist in this field of study.

  • Interested candidates must have a BSc Degree in Food Science and Technology, Food Science, and Quality Control, Food Technology and Management, Agriculture, Horticulture, and Home Science.
  • The candidate must have 50% marks in any of above degrees.
  • All candidates have to pass entrance test conduct by the Authority of the respective institute.

Food Science And Technology Subjects In Pakistan:

It is a four years graduate program having eight semesters. Different universities have their separate syllabus of Food engineering. The following written subjects are only major subjects which you have to study during the whole session. Read out the following details about food science and technology in Pakistan subjects for all the sessions.

  • Post Harvest Philosophy and handling of horticultural commodities
  • Storage System and Techniques for horticulture perishable
  • Food and Vegetable Processing
  • Quality Evaluation of Fruits and Vegetables Products
  • In-Plant / Field Training
  • Post Harvest Biology and Technology of horticulture crops
  • Elements of Packaging
  • Preparation of Food, Vegetable and ornamental for fresh market
  • Harvesting an Marketing for of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Spoilage of Fruits and Vegetables
  • Juice Processing and Canning Technology
  • Fruit and Vegetable Fermentation Technology
  • Techniques for Sensory Analysis
  • Fruits and Vegetables Dehydration Technology
  • Fruits and Vegetables Processing Waste Management
  • MSc Seminar
  • Special Problem (NC)
  • Master’s Research

These complete details about food science and technology in Pakistan scope, salary, jobs, subjects would be very helpful for you. If you have any confusion or suggestion for others relating to this field you can send your review in the following comment box.


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