How To Prepare General Knowledge For Competitive Exams In Pakistan

General knowledge has been defined as a differential ability of a person. In Pakistan, people for the post of gusted officers selected through the competitive examination. Most of the exams are taken through the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) and Provincial Public service Commissions. Furthermore, every province has its own provincial public service commission.

The competitive exams for the specific posts are based on the MCQ’s. These questions are based on the General Knowledge (GK). The GK is based on the below mentioned criteria for the job based competitive examinations.

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How To Prepare General Knowledge For Competitive Exams In Pakistan

How To Prepare General Knowledge For Competitive Exams In Pakistan


The main purpose of the Competitive Examination is to check the English of a person. Because the international language is English and being in competition one should know about English. It includes following portions;

  • Punctuation
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Analogies
  • Composition

Pakistan Studies:

It includes almost 20% of the paper. Historical events of Muslim rule in subcontinent (710-1857) Mughal rule in India. The Pak –Studies starts from the 1857-1973. It includes almost main events of history of Pakistan.


Islam is the major religion in Pakistan. It almost takes another 20% of the paper. It includes the history of Islam, life style and information about family of Hazarat Muhammad (PBUH), life style of companions of Muhammad (PBUH), historical events of Islam (ghazwat etc) and pillars of Islam

Everyday Science:

EDS is a broad subject it covers all aspects of present human life. Further, it is also exploring modern ways of human life. It also covers famous discoveries, scientific instrument, basic Chemistry, basic Physics, basic Mathematics (percentage, numbers, ratios, geometry and basic algebra), vitamins and vitamin deficiency diseases and sources of vitamins and basic Biology.

Current Affairs:

It includes Pakistan and world current events and famous personalities and GK about the world like capital of the countries prime ministers of countries, oceans about united nation organization and other international organizations like SAARC, OIC,SCO,BRICS, ASEAN, EU, APEAC, OPEC,NATO etc. largest, highest, deepest, longest of the world(rivers, ocean, mountains, glaciers, continent). Current issues, Kashmir issue, borders, rivers, mountains, passes, current ministers. In this topic one should cover the entire present ongoing scenario related to Pakistan should prepare.

To conclude, if someone wants to compete in the Competitive Examination he would tackle the General Knowledge. The GK definitely based on the IQ of a person. It is mixture of all the above mentioned information. The one who cover all the aspects mentioned above he must be successful.


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