Top Cadet Colleges In Pakistan

Get the list of best and the top cadet colleges in Pakistan. Do you want your child to be part of the best learning system in order to develop the skills to be a skilled Army officer or to hold any reasonable post in the military? If yes! Then cadet colleges are the best plate form for your child to get admission in because cadet colleges aim to generate those individuals who are capable of leading the country as an armed force officer in Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force PAF and Pakistan Navy Pak Navy. So in this way, we are with you and presenting you a list of the best and top cadet colleges in Pakistan where you can attend your kid confidently. Cadet colleges admissions are open from 5th to intermediate class only to eligible candidates and it takes the exams according to its own criterion and provides training to the students to make them mentally and physically fit.

Top Cadet Colleges In Pakistan

Before getting the list of top cadet colleges in Pakistan lets has a look at the history of cadet colleges in Pakistan. Well if we talk about the history of Cadet College then the system of cadet colleges was introduced by Germany in the era of Bismarck and in the France Napoleon Bonaparte introduce this system to produce the new and fresh youngsters in Army. In Pakistan the Cadet Colleges system was primarily introduced by the formal president of Pakistan Field Marshal Ayub Khan and the first cadet colleges was formed in Punjab in 1954 named Hasanabdal cadet college. Well since then to yet there are many PAF Cadet Colleges in Pakistan have been having been situated in all the country and these are written in the below gallery.

  1. Cadet College Hassan Abdal
  2. Military College Jhelum
  3. Cadet College Kohat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  4. WAPDA Cadet College Tarbela, KPK
  5. Cadet College Jaja Rawalpindi
  6. Cadet College Ghotki
  7. Military College Murree
  8. Cadet College Mastung
  9. Military College Sui
  10. Cadet College Pasrur

Top Cadet Colleges In Pakistan List

  • Cadet College Hassan Abdal:

It was established in 1954 located at Hasan Abdal, Attock District, Punjab Pakistan. It is working as a secondary school that offers admissions to secondary classes and also provide purpose build environment for the new youngsters by sports and mental enhancing curriculums beside a firm educational system.

  • Military College Jhelum:

MCJ was established on 3rd of March 1922 located at Sarai Alamgir, Gujrat District, Punjab Pakistan. It is a military high school that grants admissions from the middle to intermediate classes and students enrolled here are called cadets.

  • Cadet College Kohat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa:

Cadet College Kohat KPK is a military high school that grants admissions from 1st grade to twelve classes. It is located at the outskirts of Kohat, Pakistan. It also contains house boarding houses were a proper living environment if provided to off city students and it also calls a conference of parents for updating the report.

  • WAPDA Cadet College Tarbela, KPK:

It has been formed since 2004 as a high military school recognized by the Pakistan Army located at Ghazi Haripur District Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It follows the syllabus laid down by the FBISE Islamabad and provides students a well-arranged educational criterion.

  • Cadet College Jajja Rawalpindi:

Cadet College Rawalpindi Jajja is also coming into the list of top cadet colleges in Pakistan. It is a Pak Army recognized military college that offers admissions in secondary classes and sends student report to his parents to keep them up to date about the performance of their child in school.

  • Cadet College Ghotki:

Cadet College Ghotki was established in 2010 by the Pak Army to purify the enable fresh youngsters from Sindh Province. It grants admission from 7th to 12th grade only to boy’s cadets and conduct exams under BISE Sukkur.

  • Military College Murree:

It is a high military college located at upper Topa Murree Pakistan and also welcomes the students from Rawalpindi and attached with the Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul for providing cadets for IBCC entry test for joining the Pakistan Army.

  • Cadet College Mastung:

It is performing its duties to produce well mannered and well-trained cadets in Pakistan armed forces since 1987. It grants admissions from grade 7 to grade 12 and prepare students for the selection test for three wings of armed force Pak Army, PAF and Pak Navy. This college has made its name in the list of top cadet colleges in Pakistan due to its performance and result.

  • Military College Sui:

Formed on 3rd of January 2011 the cadet college Sui, Balochistan is a military school that grants admission from grade 8th to 12th and has the capacity of 500 admissions per session in its four houses Haider House, Sher Shah House, and Jinnah House.

  • Cadet College Pasrur:

When we are talking about the Top Cadet Colleges In Pakistan, then how we can forget the Cadet College Pasrur which has produced valuable cadets. Cadet College Pasrur is a Pak army formed school located in the cant area of Pasrur, Punjab Pakistan that grant admissions from 1st through Matric level and it has the capacity to admission to 300 students.

Hence the list of top cadet colleges in Pakistan for 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th class admissions. You can visit the campuses for taking the admission related dates of applying and the last date of submission of the application form. You can send your comment in the following commenting section to get further details or to suggest others about the best college in your experience.

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