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PHF Interest Free Loan For Doctors In Pakistan 2022

Punjab Health Foundation PHF interest free loan for doctors in Pakistan 2022 application form for scheme 1, scheme 2, scheme 3, and scheme 4 is here. Government of Punjab is offering interest free loan scheme through the coordination of the Punjab Health Foundation (PHF). One can apply for any of the 45 initiative programs of health department which are mentioned below. The aim and mission for launching this program are to make sure the inauguration of new clinics and betterment of the existing medical clinics in order to improve the medical facilities for the general public. For this purpose, any of the graduate doctors, specialist doctors including young doctors, general physicians, dentists, nurses, lady health visitors, and any of the individual or group of medical relating fields can apply for this Punjab Health Foundation loan for a doctor in Pakistan. Further details about how to apply, where to apply and when to apply for all loan scheme for doctors is written into this page. Just keep on reading this article and get the further details which are very necessary for all of you before applying on it.

PHF Interest Free Loan For Doctors In Pakistan 2022

Government of Punjab, Punjab Health Foundation is inviting medical practitioners for interest free loan up to 30 lakh (3 million). There is a total of 45 fields of the health department on which one can apply after the official’s allotment. This program is classified through the scheme system; scheme 1, scheme 2, scheme 3 and scheme 4. Each scheme is having its own details which you can read below.

PHF Interest Free Loan For Doctors In Pakistan 2022

Details for PHF Loan Scheme 1:

The amount of loan scheme 1 is up to Rs. 200, 000/- which will be given for the duration of up to 3 years with zero interest. The further eligibility criteria about PHF interest free loan scheme 1 is written below.

  • PNC registered nurses
  • Lady Health Visitors registered with PHC
  • Homeopathic doctors registered with NCH
  • Hakim registered with NCT
  • Physiotherapist
  • Allied Health Personnel

Details For PHF Loan Scheme 2:

The range of loan is Rs. 700, 000/- for three years of repayment period with zero interest. The further eligibility criteria for PHF interest free loan for doctors in Pakistan 2022 scheme 2 is written into the following points

  • Medical graduates (degree or diploma holder)
  • One must be registered with the PMDC, NCH, PPC or any other medical official authority
  • If you have done your medical graduate degree and holding license of Punjab province
  • Pharmacist having five years degree in this program can also apply

Details for PHF Loan Scheme 3:

The range of loan for scheme III is up to Rs. 25, 00, 000/- for 8 years of repayable period with zero interest. This loan scheme is just for those who have done their degree and are registered with license holders and want to start their own clinic

  • MBBS and BDS doctors having four years of working experience
  • If you are an owner of a private hospital or a bigger clinic then you can also apply for this scheme 3
  • You are planning to start your NGO or you are an owner of an NGO then you can apply for it
  • Optometrist and Diagnostic Labs, and also hospital run by charity organizations can also apply for it.
Click Here for More Details About Scheme 1, 2, 3 Details

 How to Apply:

If you will see that you are meeting the eligibility requirements for any of the above-mentioned schemes then you will have to perform the following procedure to apply online for PHF interest free loan for doctors in Pakistan 2022 scheme 1 2 3.

  1. Make sure you are properly eligible with any of the above-written schemes; 1, 2, or 3 and all the required documents are also available to you
  2. Download the application form and other affidavits and agreement forms from the below-given link
  3. Upload scanned documents, copy of bank deposited fees slip (Rs. 500 for scheme 1, Rs. 1000 for scheme 2, and Rs. 2000 for scheme 3)
  4. You will have to provide your business and working plan behind taking this loan on a new initiatives sign paper
  5. After completing the form with attaching all the documents and other official documentation along with original bank deposit slip/draft on mailing address Punjab Health Foundation, Poonch House, 38-Multan Road, Lahore Pakistan

Download PHF Forms

PHF Apply Online

These are complete details about Punjab Health Foundation PHF interest free loan for doctors in Pakistan 2022 scheme 1, 2, 3 application form, latest advertisement, eligibility criteria, and how to apply procedure. I am sure you are well aware of this program but in case of having any further confusion or query, you can meet without 24/7 comments service. We will reply you with any query by you on our first priority. But if you will concern to the officials on given contact numbers then it will be better option for you to get the latest and up to date information.

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