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SAP Certification Scope In Pakistan

SAP stands for “System Applications and Products”. It is a software which is used by the organizations and corporation in order to manage the financial data and business operations. SAP in Pakistan was founded in 1972. It is full of integrated modules. You can learn the skills how to manage the personal and financial data, business operations, data management and configuration of the software. The sap is falling on the top of the list of enterprises applications. The sap is complex software to understand, it takes time to master it with keen efforts. If we go back to few years there was no SAP certification scope in Pakistan but it is emerging with the pulse rate.

SAP Certification Scope In Pakistan

The scope of SAP is very demanding currently in Pakistan because the new organization and firms are trying to develop a sound system in their management so SAP is the best choice to manage financial data and business operations in true terms. There is a number of institutes in Pakistan which are offering certification in SAP. Here you can easily find the best information regarding SAP Scope, job opportunities for sap certification and salary, its course outline ad duration. Keep reading this article until the end will probably help you in this regard.

SAP Certification Scope In Pakistan, Fees, Modules, Jobs, Salary, Institutes

SAP Modules In Pakistan:

There are following SAP Modules listed below

SAP Modules:

  • FI SAP
  • SD SAP
  • MM SAP
  • PP SAP
  • SAP Net-Weaver 7x

SAP Courses In Pakistan:

  1. What is ERP Systems?
  2. The Essence of SAP Business One
  3. The Personality of Sap Business One
  4. Financial Accounting
  5. Banking
  6. Sales-A/R Process
  7. Purchase-A/P Process
  8. Warehouse and Inventory Management
  9. Material Requirements Planning MRP
  10. Production Management
  11. Campaign Management
  12. Customer Relationship Management CRM
  13. Human Resource Management
  14. SAP Crystal Reports Management
  15. SAP HANA Analytics
  16. Using the Pervasive Analytics Designer
  17. Interactive Analysis
  18. Lumria
  19. Tips to Successful ERP Implementation

SAP Certification Scope In Pakistan:

The scope of SAP is very wide in Pakistan as it is a data management software and necessary for high-level firms and organizations in order to manage financial and business operations. A SAP Certified person can easily work in any organization, firm, corporation, Bank, and Insurance Companies. It is also the highest paying profession as it comprises of data management. The sap is highly preferable in Banks.

SAP Jobs In Pakistan:

If you are a sap Certified then don’t be a worry. It falls on the top of the list of the highest paying profession in Technology. A Sap Certified can easily work as a

  • Manager Internal Audit
  • HR Manager (Pay Roll)
  • Web Accountant Officer PET Labeller Operator
  • Biomass Energy Expert
  • MTO SAP Finance Accounting Department
  • Senior Officer
  • Auditor
  • Accountant

SAP Certification Salary In Pakistan:

The SAP is an international level of business management in accounting and finance. So the demand for SAP software is getting higher with the betterment of industrial and business terms in Pakistan. The estimated salary of an SAP-certified starts from Rs. 50,000/- per month and it could touch the figure amount of Rs. 1.5 lakh per month in Pakistan. It is the highest paying job not only in Pakistan but also outside Pakistan.

SAP Institutes In Pakistan:

There are few of institutes which are offering SAP Certification in Pakistan which are listed below.

  • ABACUS Institute
  • AMI APEX Institute
  • Recknor’s SAP Academy
  • Super Nova Solutions
  • SAP Malaysia’s Liaison Office
  • Siemens Academy

Hence the details about SAP certification scope in Pakistan, fees, modules, jobs, salary, institute list is all discussed here. I am hoping that you have obtain the real importance and meaning of SAP certification in Pakistan. But in case you have any query in your mind-set relating to this topic you can send your FAQs in the following comments sections.


  1. I have done software Engineering, but i am confuse which SAP module i should choose?

  2. Hey I was just wondering all these Institutes u mention where r they located any in Lahore ? And how much do they charge ? And after the completion of certifications do they promised a job ?

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