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MCAT Exam In Pakistan Introduction

Medical College Admission Test which is known MCAT is basically the initial requirement for all the candidates who are willing to apply in the medical or dental colleges for their higher education. So it is compulsory for all the students to appear in MCAT before they make themselves eligible for the admission in any of the Private or government type medical and dental college or university. In Pakistan there are two main degrees which are mostly opt by the majority of students. Thees degree programs are MBBS which is stands for Bachelors in Medicine Bachelors in Surgery; while the second degree is Bachelors of Dental Surgery BDS. Moreover there are also some other programs like BSc nursing and BSc medical equipment are other degrees but MCAT is just necessary for MBBS and BDS. So if you are also going to do any of these degrees you must have to read about the MCAT exam in Pakistan introduction.

MCAT Exam In Pakistan Introduction

MCAT Exam in Pakistan Introduction

The MCAT is being scheduled slightly before the opening of admissions in the medical universities and this is because the result of MCAT is to be attached with the application for of all the universities and the merit list of all the universities have a huge dependency on the result of the MCAT, so this is obvious that the one who have achieved good score in MCAT is more likely to get the admission in any of the medical universities as compared to the one who has not earned good result in the MCAT appearance including both the private and government institutions.

Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has emphasized on the early issuance of the MCAT result, as according to their rules and regulations the result of MCAT should be declared not late than 31st October and should be submitted in the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council before 31st October every respective year. This is because than it should be reviewed and the merit list is than being decided on the basis of worth and rating of all the medical and dental institutions throughout the country.

Eligibility Criteria for MCAT

MCAT Syllabus

The provincial government is liable to schedule the MCAT examination in their province before the date of submission of result announced by the PMDC and should submit the result on the prescribed date so that the admissions can be started throughout the country. The entry test for getting admission in the medical and dental institutions in Islamabad are being conducted under the Ministry of Health, Pakistan.

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