IELTS Test Format In Pakistan

IELTS in Pakistan is a comprehensive examination format regarding the English Language skills and capabilities of an individual, and still demands for preparation although one have good grip on the English Language. A candidate should be capable of attempting the exam in the proper manner and should be well aware of the Paper pattern, for that purpose here is a guide for the IELTS examination paper pattern. So you are suggested that if you are going to attempt this test you should be fully aware with its format or module as well as its its versions. If you are well equipped and familiar with IELTS test format in Pakistan you will attempt in the better way then of a student who don’t know about these details and start to do this. I mean to say there are two reasons for what student opt IELTS; the first reason is to continue studies in abroad while the second reason is to improve the proficiency of English to get a job in abroad or English country. So first analyze that for what purpose you are going to attempt this test and then the following points will prove to be very useful for you…

IELTS Test Format in Pakistan

IELTS Test Format In Pakistan

There are four modules on which the IELTS paper comprises of, which include the following:

1.      Listening: The Listening module will consists of four sections and each section will be having 10 questions, the question can be in the form of short questions, MCQ’s, True and False, Sentence completion, Summary writing, Report writing and even might have diagrams and table sot be labeled or to be filled. The candidate will be made to hear a recording only once and will have to answer all the questions, while listening to the recording. Only 10 minutes will be given after the recording has been played off.

2.      Reading: The reading module is different for both the versions of the IELTS Test Format in Pakistan that is for Academic and for the General Training Version. Both the modules have three sections and each section there are readings and have 40 questions which are to be answered in 20 minutes. Only 20 minutes is the allocated time for each section. The readings might be taken from any newspaper, magazine or even any book.

3.      Writing: In writing there are also two different modules for different versions of IELTS that is one for the academic version and the other for the General training version. In the writing test there are two tasks assigned to the candidate, in task 1 there would be any table, diagram or graph which is to be presented in the own words by the candidate, the time allotted for this task will be 20 minutes and the candidate is prescribed to write 150 words. In Task 2 there might be any problem, issue or argument in which the candidate has to give his point of view in 250 words, and the time allotted for this task will be 40 minutes.

4.      Speaking:  The Speaking module is basically the oral conversation between the candidate and the examiner. The entire module is almost for 11 to 15 minutes in which there are three parts. The first part which comprises of the general talking regarding the personal information of the candidate is allocated a time span of 4 to 5 minutes, as this the introduction phase. In the second part the candidate is given any specific topic and is being prescribed to speak on it for almost 3 to 4 minutes. The third and the last part in IELTS Test Format in Speaking portion is comprise of a dialogue conversation and discussion between the candidate and the examiner on any current affair or issues.

Hence this is the IELTS test format in Pakistan and I am sure you got each point and ready to attempt this test. One thing which you should also have to keep under the view is that must prepare from that academy which is best for the preparation of International English Language Testing Service.

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