Ireland Education System Structure And Facts

In this article you will get detailed information on the subject of Ireland education system structure and facts. Ireland is taken as one of the best countries all over the world whose eudcational centers are all involved in giving up the high class education. For studying within Ireland it is needful that you have to get student visa firs and then perform all the tasks necessary for taking your visa in hand officially and legally. So before you take any decision for continuing your educational career in Ireland you have to be in tuned with the structure and facts of studying there while if you is a Pakistani student more over here we are also providing you the instructions according to the officials statement of the Pak foreign studies Act on which you will be entertained in university, college or high school there and you have to follow the rules during your study session or semester.

Ireland Education System Structure And Facts

Different Levels of Education:

  1. Pre School level for the students at tehage of 4 years only.
  2. Primary school from 5 years old to 12 years old.
  3. Post Primary/Second Level from the ages of 13 to 18.
  4. Vocal education with no age limitation.
  5. Last is third level of education including University, Institute of Technology, Regional Technical College, College of Education for Teacher Training.

Now we will going to explain all the level of Ireland education structure in detail:

The Pre School and the Primary Education System:

                                          This program was launched out in Ireland in the year 1995. It is taken up to be the first stage of the child for building up the educational mind. Only the students at the age of 5 years old are allowed to take admission in the pre school level. There are almost three thousand primary schools that are providing education to almost five hundred thousand children throughout the country.

Post-Primary Education:

                            Each single year there are almost three hundred and fifty thousand students who are all receiving post primary education in maximum 450 secondary schools, 250 vocational and about 100 other schools. Some of the schools are all functioning under the Vocational committees. They take hold over the ninety five percent of their funding right from the state in the company of the Vocational schools.

Junior Education System:

This educational system provides the education for about three years. This education can just be taken by the students who are at the age of 15 years old. Some of the amin subjects offer out in this educational system areFrench, Spanish and German; the Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biology; Business Studies, Domestic Science, Art, Music and so many others.

Vocational Education Level:

                           In vocational education you will be getting third level of education that will be comprised of the university level.

Post-Leaving Certificate Level:

                                         This type of education is just provided inside the Regional Technical Colleges, Institutes of Technology and in F�S Training Centres.

So this was all in detail view regarding Ireland educational system and structure! We hope that now you must have learned immense about the Ireland educational structure. Now apply for it!

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