Study Engineering In China For Pakistani Students Procedure Fee Structure

Today china is the largest producer of engineering graduates in the world due to its novelty and the production rate as compare to other counties on the earth. It is just like a dream comes true for an engineering student to study engineering in china especially for Pakistani Students. So if you are among those Pakistani students who have done their Pre-level of engineering in Pakistan i.e. FSc pre engineering or A-levels and want to pursue your engineering studies in China then it is to be suggested and advised you to keep reading this post in order to get complete instructions and guidance for study engineering in China for Pakistani students including applying procedure, Fee structure, and the name of universities in China offering engineering before taking any step. China has trained a large number of skilled engineers in various fields of engineering such as technical, mechanical, chemical and electronics engineering. China has taken out some special steps for students in the fields of engineering and has sustained a number of universities which not only admission to residents but also the students of other counties.

Study Engineering In China For Pakistani Students Procedure Fee Structure

Study Engineering In China For Pakistani Students Procedure Fee Structure

Eligibility/ Requirements

  • Only non Chinese Citizens
  • Candidates who are going to apply for undergraduate degree in China must have pass his or her pre engineering classes with good academic record i.e. minimum 60% marks or equivalence
  • Age for bachelors apply students must not more than 25 years old
  • Students apply for masters programs must be completed their 14 years of education from any HEC recognized university
  • Age for Masters apply students must not more than 35 years old
  • Candidate must not be involved in any police case in his whole career


For studying in China you have to first of all make your study visa by consulting the embassy or consultants in Pakistan offering study visa for China. After this you have to full fill and perform the following procedure

  • Download the Visa Application Form of the People‚Äôs republic of China
  • Fill in the form and attach a recent (30mm x 40mm) photograph with your form along with the photocopies of the first two pages of your valid pass port for 6 months
  • Also attach your character certificate issues by the local police station

After this submit your application form to the authorized embassy offering studies in china for Pakistani students.

Types of Students Visa

There are two types of student Visa

  1. X Visa: it is issued to foreigners who want ot come china for advanced studies for more than the time period of six month
  2. F Visa: It is issued to those students who want to come chine for study session less than the duration of six months

Fee Structure

Fee structure for each university in China is different for Pakistani Students according to its fee structure and there are more than 100 engineering universities in China offering engineering faculties. The embassy or consultants you are applying through will provide you complete fee structural details for the university you are going to apply for. While according to a round figure the fee including studies expenses, transportation and accommodation it cost Rs. 7000 RMB to 30,000 RMB according to the rank and grade of that university.


  1. Ask me about aeronautical engineering in China it’s fee structure.. all the universities name and apply karnay ka tareeqa

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