UK Student Visa Processing Procedure In Pakistan

Many medical and or engineering students want to get their studies from foreign universities and they want to get student visa for foreign country like UK but they are not much aware from the UK student visa processing procedure in Pakistan. Well for the readers we would like to mention that since the last one year there are certain changes that have come up inside the rules and customs of UK student visa that have undergone with the emergence of strict rules and customs. So it is hereby informed and instruct you that you must read out the article completely so that you can be aware with all the new amendments so that you can be treated well and you can continue your career legally in UK where anyone of out rulers will be exit to live even for a second. So have a look down for getting the step by step procedure for taking study visa for UK from Pakistan.

UK Student Visa Processing Procedure In Pakistan

UK Student Visa Processing Procedure In Pakistan

Main Features of UK Student Visa Processing Procedure In Pakistan:

  1. It is to be mentioned that the fee of application form will be almost $288.
  2. Applicants have to make sure one thing that the funds should be maximum 28 days old from the date when you have applied for the visa application. The funds should be accesssible inside the savings and current account.
  3. The bank account should be under the name of the student or it should be under the name of co-partner as well who will be the sponsor of the students.
  4. After the opening of account bank will going to issue away the confirmation letter that you have to attach away along with the visa application.
  5. If in case you are studying inside UK then your first year tutition fee will be 9,000 pounds but if in case you are studying outside then your fee will going to be 7,200 pounds.
  6. At the time of admission in the university you will be getting 30 points that will going to be further registered in UK Border Agency Sponsor Register.
  7. In addition if all your money evidences will going to prove correct you will be getting 10 points with the help of which you will be able to obtain the student visa for UK.
  8. Student visa is temporary so make sure that as soon as you get settle in UK you should apply for the permanent visa as well. In this way you will going to become the permanent citizen of UK.
  9. You must have the following main documents for passing through the stage of visa successfully:
  • Passport
  • All original biometric details
  • Original confirmation letter from the university
  • ATAS certificate if it is necssary
  • Original bank documents
  • Affidavit documents

So this was all in view about the UK student visa processing procedure in Pakistan! We hope that by the way of this post you must have learnt a lot about the complete procedure of UK student visa.

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