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All eyes are set on Pakistani youth in the upcoming General elections 2013

According to Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah; “the youth plays a vital role in the development of any nation and as far as Pakistan is considered its youth is just like its backbone”. General elections of 2013 are not far from now as the stage is already been set for the battle amongst the political powers. But one thing is being sensed that whether there will be any drastic change in the upcoming elections as compared to the previously anchored elections. Majority of people answer to this question with a big YES! This is because in the upcoming elections one segment is ready to show its colors which are the youth of Pakistan.

All eyes are set on Pakistani youth in the upcoming General elections 2013

All eyes are set on Pakistani youth in the upcoming General elections 2013

According to the statistical figures; amongst all the registered voters whose number is up to 87 million, there are 47% people who belong to the youth that is which are in the age limit of 18-35 years respectively which is approximately 39 million people. So this shows the numerical strength of this age group and this is the only reason why Imran Khan the Chairman of PTI is fancying his success in the general elections of 2013, because he is the one who has specifically targeted the youth of the Country. As compared to the other political parties they have also realized the significance of the support of the youth.

Some of them have shown this concern while others are still focusing on their traditional approach. Qamar Zaman Qaira, the federal minister of information of PPP has said that People Party is the political party of all the people and they are against of the approach of targeting any one segment. On the other hand Khurram Dastagir the MNA and the member of PML-N has shown their concern on focusing the youth as they have explained their work for youth which includes hiring 35,000 teachers all from youth, free education program and even distribution of laptops amongst bright young students.

According to the report of NADRA there are 87 million registered voters from which 39 million are of age group from 18 to 35 years. But the exciting thing is that amongst these 39 million people 30 million are those who were not registered for the general elections for the year 2008, this was because they just turned to 18 and got their identity cards or any other reason but they are the new entrants in the voting list. So the factor which can cause an upset is these 30 million young bloods so one can expect anything from these general upcoming elections.

There are examples present in the history were such changes from the youth have caused the fall of palaces of long living politicians just like in South Korea where due to the excessive corruption the youth stood against the government and demolished it in 80’s and 90’s. so there are hige expectations from the youth and it is being assumed that Imran Khan and PTI will be one new challenging contender in the upcoming general elections of 2013.

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