Social Problems Of Pakistan And Their Solutions

Social Problems of Pakistan and their solutions are discussed here in the essay form. Pakistan is a developing state which is going through various problems and issues. These issues are from various origins having long lasting impact on the stability of the economy and the goodwill of country. Th social issues in Pakistan are being divided in to several heads among which one of the very important head is the Social problems of Pakistan. Education which is considered as the cheapest way of defense is not being promoted in our country which has made the literacy rate of our country decline to a major extent. The people will not have the education so they will not be able to put any impact on the country.

The literacy rate of Pakistan is 49.9% which makes them fall on the rating of 136th in the world that shows that the world’s 6th largest populated country is being kept away form education. According to a survey the primary education completing rate in Pakistan is 33.8% in females and 47.18% in males. The solution to social issues in Pakistan is that the education at least till the secondary part should be made compulsory and free for the students so that they can get full advantage form this blessing.

Social Problems of Pakistan and their Solutions

Social Problems of Pakistan and their Solutions

The gender discrimination is another very much important factor in the decline of Pakistan as males are being given priority over females in a country where females are more in number. This is a big shame as in FATA the conditions are even worse where the literacy rate of males is 29.1% and in females it is less than 3%. That is where we are going wrong. Equal opportunity should be given to both male and females although the rules and regulation of Islam should not be over ruled but weight-age should be given to both the genders.

Terrorism is another social issue which has got in to the roots of the country and is damaging it. The main cause for the terrorism is political instability, economic conditions, standard or living and the most important one is the religious extremism. For this purpose the religious scholars should poke their head up and should come forward and should demonstrate the real Islam and its ideology so that such extremist acts should be avoided and human lives and property could be saved.

Other social issues in Pakistan which include child labor, sexual harassment, inflations, injustice, smuggling and drug abuse are also getting more and more common in the country which is causing harm to the youth of the country as well as to the law and order situation of the state. So to get rid of this problem the government had to take strong and strict actions in preventing such activities to prevail in the premises of the country and not only federal government but the provincial government should also play its vital role in eliminating all such social problems from the country, otherwise they will keep eating Pakistan like pesticides.

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