Advantages and disadvantages of internet for students

Here in this post I have all discussed about the advantages and disadvantages of internet for students. Internet is one of the biggest creating of the 21st century and it has brought a lot of benefits to the entire world on all the aspects. Everything has two sides one which is the positive side and the other is the negative side, it depends upon the users of that feature that whether they want to use it is positive manner which will bring them reimbursements and benefited outcomes or they want it to use in negative manner which will waste their time and resources. Internet is also one of those facilities which have both adverse and advantageous results depend upon the usage of the user. Internet has millions of benefits for the users only if it is being used positively, internet is the source of information throughout the world, and you can find any information regarding any topic or aspect on internet which can assist you in accomplishing any task or enhancing your knowledge. News regarding everything happening in the world can be brought to your desktop with just a single click which makes you exposed to all the information regarding the world. Internet is one of the biggest source which have resulted in the making the world a global village this is because it has connected everyone which were far apart on the geographical scale.

Advantages and disadvantages of internet for students

Advantages and disadvantages of internet for students

The mode of communication has become more feasible and economical through this facility as now people can get connected to their relatives and friends away from them in different cities and even countries. One of the most significant need of the people are their social needs they are willing to get socialized and internet has provided them the source through the which they can get connected to the social world, through internet one can get connected to several social portals and websites.

But if this heavenly facility is being used negatively it can be devastating and disastrous, as it has been reported that cyber-crimes and internet hacking has increased and is being penetrated in the youth of the world. Bank robberies and online frauds have been increased due to the negative and unproductive usage of internet and the assisting features. There are other un ethical activities in which the people have involved themselves on the internet which includes the pornography; as internet has open the gates for the people of every age to visits such sites which contains adult contents which is dangerous for the youngster as their concentrations are diverted towards such activities which have increase the underage sex and rape incidents all over the world.

Internet is a very affective source and it should be used or for the productive reasons through which the individual can enhance their knowledge and scope and should be benefited from this blessing instead of using it unproductively and making it a curse rather than a blessing.

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