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Child Labour In Pakistan Causes And Effects Essay

Child Labour refers to the employment of children especially when considered illegal. It is the full-time employment of children in any industry or a business. In some countries, child labour is strictly prohibited and it is considered a violation of human rights. Pakistan is country in which half of the population lying below the poverty line. It is facing the problem of poverty due to which Child labour is working in almost every field but it mainly exists in the home-based industries. The practice of child labour ultimately harms the social, physical, moral and mental level of children. Most of the children in Pakistan are employed in any industry, business and factories instead of studying in any school. It is one of the social problems growing in Pakistan will alarming situation. The Federal Bureau of Statistics FBS released the report of last year survey which show that between 5 to 14 aged, more than 40 million child labour is working in Pakistan. There are so many causes and effects which lead to the child labour in Pakistan which are listed below in detail.

Child Labour In Pakistan Causes And Effects Essay

Child Labour In Pakistan Causes And Effects Essay

Causes of Child Labour in Pakistan:

  • Poverty

Poverty is one of the basic and major causes of Child labour in Pakistan. Half of the population of Pakistan is facing the problem of poverty and lies below the poverty line. Poverty forces the children from middle-class families to earn their living along with their parents to generate income. Children get employed in mines, factories and hawking in the street, working on street shops in order to earn money. Child labour in Pakistan is the alarming situation as it harms or damages the talented children which further prove to be the rising stars and maybe some of them are history makers.

  • Illiteracy

Most of the people living in our society do not know the importance of education. They didn’t force their children on education but out them on labouring in any factory or any business. Illiteracy is also playing a vital role in child labouring. They to choice education to generate money instead of labour their children at a small age.

  • High Cost of Education

There is a huge ratio of middle-class families are living in Pakistan. Some of them are not eligible to afford the expense of education in order to educate their children even from government schools.

  • Over Population

Overpopulation is also the major cause of child labour in Pakistan. The birth rate in Pakistan is very high. A huge number of family member leads to poverty which ultimately results in working with the child along with parent in order to earn living for all family members.

Effect of Child Labour in Pakistan:

Society: Our society plays a vital role in developing child labour and causing bad effect on children. And the child labour is also affecting our society. They are not award with enough wage and they try to steal and snatch the thing from other in order to fulfil the need of money which results into the severe situation and they literally involve in criminal activities too.

Health Issues: Childhood is very innocent and delicate age in which we grow into potential skills. But unfortunately, due to child labour, it results into health complication such a mental disorders, depression, anxiety etc. working on an unsuitable or unfavorable place like mines, constructions places, factories etc with full time working hours lead to the lifetime health issues.

The government should take serious steps to overcome the social problem of child labour in Pakistan. They are the major assets of the nation and leads to the proud of a nation with their talent and potential. The government should impose the institute which solely works with the aim of preserving the rights of children and bring a law to avoid child labour. Some of the developed countries have imposed a restriction on child labour in order to save their assets and grow well for the success of their country. We hope that Pakistan will be one of them and took serious steps to overcome this social evil from Pakistan.

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