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Non Muslim Festivals In Pakistan

In Pakistan there are different religions in Pakistan with different communities who are living together. Each and every person is independence to celebrate their festival in their own manners and ethics but keeping under the view the laws restricted by the Government of Pakistan. So here I have assembled the list of Non Muslim Festivals In Pakistan! If you want to get in detail with all the non Muslimc events in Pakistan then just don’t miss even single second to scroll down! As here you will read all the festivals point by point and step by step according to their brief description like when a festival takes place and what the peoples do on the occasion, their effects and results on new generation and what will be the future if Muslims carry on these non Muslim festivals. It is because is a muslim country and all the Islamic festivals are celebrated here with full of heap, but those festivals which are not found in the history of Islam are known as non-muslim festivals but they are allowed to celebrate in Pakistan byt eh non muslim community. Scroll down this page and have a look down for it.

Non Muslim Festivals In Pakistan 

Non Muslim Festivals In Pakistan

List of Non Muslim Festivals in Pakistan:

  1. Sibi Festival:This festival takes place in the last week of February. It is all included with the traditional sports, handicrafts exhibition, folk music and dances.
  2. Sindh Horse & Cattle Show:This festival is held in the last week of February and is often comprised with the same activities as in Sibi Festival.
  3. Jashan-e-Larkana:This festival is arranged in the ast week of February at Larkana (Sindh). Traditional sports, exhibition of handicrafts, folk music and dances are comprised in this festival.
  4. Bassant: This festival is celebrated with pomp and show in mid February every year in Lahore. In other words this is the spring festival. This sport originated in China about 5000 years ago as when Hinduism was in non existent. Now a days people of Lahore enjoy it by kite flying competition and by visiting the shrine of saint Madho Lal Hussein.
  5. Nauroze: This festival is undertaken from 21-23 March each single year. It is celebrated only in Gilgit, Hunza, Skardu and Chitral. Polo, foot-ball, volley-ball and hockey matches, folk dances and music are added as the main sports in this festival.
  6. Pakistan Day: This festival is arranged in Pakistan each single year on 23 March. It is simply commemorating the anniversary of Pakistan Resolution passed on March 23, 1940. Military parade at provincial capitals and Islamabad are held on this festival.
  7. Horse & Cattle Show:  This festival is held in the end of March till 1st week of April at the place of Dera Ismail Khan. Local games, folk dances, music, cattle races and exhibition of local handicrafts are arranged in this festival.
  8. Jashan-e-Shikarpur:It takes place in the April for 01 week that is all accompanied with the cultural activities, local sports and handicrafts exhibition.
  9. Shandur Polo Festival: It is all known as being the traditional polo tournament between the teams of Chitral and Gilgit that is being held on the highest polo ground of the world named as The Shandur Pass (Chitral district). Allied activities include fold music, folk dances and other competitions are held.

So these are list of non muslim festivals in Pakistan. Now you just get ready to enjoy the event to make your memorable time along with your family, relatives and love ones.

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