Monday , July 4 2022

Problems Of Female Education In Pakistan

Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates in the macrocosm. The picture of educational conditions is grim in Pakistan. More than 40 % of young women have never shown in school. “The condition is especially alarming in rural areas due to societal and cultural Obstacle. Specifically, in KPK and Baluchistan women are rigorously bound by educational constraints and biases. They are mostly involved in producing, reproductive and community work for 14-18 hours. So, in these countries, the female literacy rate stands at 15 % and 25 %. The northern tribal regions are also strictly prohibited the education of females on the religious basis. Those young women who go to school, their attendance rates in primary, secondary, and post secondary schools are more depressed than boys.”This is a complete misconception of Islam.

Problems Of Female Education In Pakistan

In a society, like Pakistan females, comprised 49.19 of the total population of the country which is reckoned to be massive. Brushing off the population ratio factor still being the Islamic state Pakistan should give equal chances for the females as far as education is considered so that they perform a critical function in the growth and betterment of the country’s economic system. Both males and females are stimulated to acquire education not only at the basic level, but are also motivated and encouraged to attain higher education in their respective fields of interest. The literacy rate of females in the developed and modern cities of Pakistan, which includes Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad compared to the rural areas is 74.79%.

            The situation of female education in the tribal areas of the country is worse because here females do not give the right to get them educated on their own. Tribal women are not only restrained to remain at home, but at the same time are also enforced and pressurized both emotionally and physically. Due to this reason, the literacy rate of females in these areas of Pakistan is just as low as 7.2 % of  the entire female population.

            The major cause of this unfair treatment with the females regarding their education  in Pakistan, especially in rural and tribal areas is due to the conservative thinking of extremists.  Such people consider women’s education to be superfluous and pointless and are against the rules and ordinances of Islam. This thinking must be reviewed so that the faults should be eliminated. Thus, the females which are kept out from the education should be given equal rights so that they can make them civilized and should later contribute to the empowerment of the national economy.

There is a famous quote by Brigham Hill, which states

“You educate a man, you educate a man.  You educate a woman, you educate a generation”

Let’s hope our future generations are in secure hands.

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