MBA in Human Resource Management In Pakistan

Master in human resource management in Pakistan is yet another most considered and famous degree program. We are sharing the MBA HRM in Pakistan scope, jobs, salary, subject, and universities list for its admission. This program is all about the industrial and business sectors that make the students know more about the market criteria and business circumstances in the country. Although As many other business programs such as marketing, accounting, and finance have been introduced in the educational universe students have started giving less importance to this degree program. Furthermore, the basic ground behind this least significance is the professional requirements as well that are much least in number and does not get the students enriches with a successful professional future after getting the degree. It is a 4 years undergraduate program that includes 13 main courses with other subjects as well. The total number of credit hours included in the masters of Human resource is 39 which allow the students to manage their reach and fieldwork in this time spell. The result of the human resources is counted in the form of a CGPA that should not be less than 2.50 otherwise the student would be considered as a fail.

MBA HRM In Pakistan

Human Resource Management is a special stratigy to manage the staff of a company. Each company has an HR department where the HR manageer and its other staff has a big responsibilty to run and to promote the business among humans with an effective management.

MBA HRM in Pakistan Scope, Jobs, Salary, Subjects, Universities

MBA HRM Scope in Pakistan:

If you are thinking to do a master’s in human resource management in Pakistan, then it will be a perfect career-building approach for you. The scope of an MBA HRM in Pakistan could be measured by the number of career build opportunities after it and the amount of income one can earn after completing his or her degree. For your information, I am telling you that each company must have an HR department of office from where the HR manager and it is under staff manage all the business, its clients, the national and international customers. One who is well aware of managing humans to convince them towards their business can hold a good position in this field. further scope of human resource management in Pakistan will be clarified on you after reading the following details of jobs, and salary.

MBA HRM Jobs in Pakistan:

Now, when you have done your degree then you have lots of opportunities for jobs after MBA HRM in Pakistan such as you can hold an HR department of any company or there are so many other posts on which one can hold a good position and can earn handsome salary after it.

  • HR Manager
  • HR Coordinator
  • Recruiting Manager
  • HR Business Partner
  • Compensation Officer
  • HR Director
  • HR Business Partner
  • HR Generalist
  • Instructional Designer
  • Employee Relations Manager

MBA HRM Salary in Pakistan:

Now the most important aspect of any course of study is its salary or the income you can earn after the completion of your degree. In this way, we are telling you that MBA HRM is a good earning degree program with a respectable environment and post. The starting salary would be Rs. 45, 000/- to 60,000/- plus depending upon the company where you gain the job and the institute from where you have gained your degree matters the most in this way.

MBA HRM Subjects In Pakistan:

Master in human resource management MBA HRM in Pakistan is a 2 years degree program which offered after a four years bachelor of the honors degree program. In doing MBA in HRM you will have to study different subjects and the following are the major subjects that one has to study as complementary subjects.

  • Business Finance
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Management Information System
  • Computer Application in Business
  • Financial Accounting
  • Organizational Behavior and Ethics
  • Business Mathematics
  • Performance and Compensation Management
  • Communication Skills and Personality Development
  • Leadership and Organizational Management

MBA HRM Admission Requirements:

Following are some of the highest-flying essential requirements for getting the admission in MBA HRM in Pakistan:

  • For getting admission into the master’s program for a human resource it is vital that the student must comprise a BA degree or he or she must have 14 years of education along with the certificates.
  • For all the students who apply for the human resource, it is essential that they should have done their bachelor in human resource subjects as major ones.
  • Only those students can apply who have gathered a CGPA of 2.50 in the bachelor program in all the subjects.
  • If foreign students want to apply for admission then they should also submit a certificate from the Ministry of Education.
  • All the final results will be introduced in the form of a merit list that would be the final decision of the university committee and cannot be changed or canceled at any cost.

Universities Offering MBA HRM in Pakistan:

The following is the list of human resource management universities in Pakistan. You can click on any university name to get explore its details about its contact number, fee structure, admission requirements, and all the details which are necessary for you to take Admission in HRM in Pakistan.

Also Get Details About M.Phil in HRM

So after knowing the detailed facts and figures concerning the MBA HRM in Pakistan scope, jobs, salary, subjects, and universities offering Masters in human resource management in Pakistan is all written here. it is obvious that this program has its own importance in the educational universe. No matter that this program offers fewer professional choices to the students but at the end of the day the person would be successful in the field. So all those students who are free and want to get a degree in human resources should get consulted with the top university now.

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  2. I have completed my BA from Allama Iqbal Open University. I had a very good experience in marketing department. In marketing i handle and monitor the financial of different brands. Now i want to apply in MBA HR. Therefore, you are requested to inform me that am i eligible for this course. Further, when the admission will start.

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