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If you are searching for a Bachelor of Business Administration BBA scope in Pakistan, subjects, careers, jobs, salary, and universities offering BBA in Pakistan, then here we are providing you the better guidance regarding your search. First of all, let’s have a short introduction about what is BBA introduction. It is a graduate four years (4 years) honors degree which is based on business and management education. This degree is giving the students a bold exposure to the business universe and enriches them with loads of skills and abilities regarding the various functions involved in a business. The Thesis and the consultancy projects give a practical practice about handling a business problem that is being carried down in the market actually. The course is significantly designed to enhance and groom the skills regarding communication, presentations, and entrepreneurship. BBA in Pakistan makes a student eligible for MBA programs. Students have a lot of opportunities to get command of different competitive tasks in the banking field, besides the banks, there are numerous ways to do a handsome job or run your own business at a professional level.

BBA Scope In Pakista

BBA Scope In Pakistan, Subjects, Career, Jobs, Salary, Universities

BBA Scope In Pakistan:

These days the scope of BBA in Pakistan has gained good accomplishment in business-related fields. A student who is doing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Pakistan can explore a hundred ways to get closer to business and its administration exposures. You can obtain a managerial-level job, but you are preferable as compared to a student having a degree. And more to it, your worth increased and you get more preference when there is a cue of internees who have applied for a job in a bank, a multinational company. On the following side, you are further taking the jobs and career opportunities that you can gain after doing this four years of study plan.

BBA Career In Pakistan:

As in the scope sector, you have seen that you are superior then to any other degree in business commerce and management. So the Bachelor of Business Administration BBA career opportunities are so many where you can maintain a healthy career for your upcoming life while living in Pakistan. You can find employment opportunities in the following states.

  • Banks
  • Business Consultancies
  • Business Houses
  • Educational Institutes
  • Export Companies
  • Financial Organizations
  • Industrial Houses
  • Multinational Companies
  • Marketing Organizations

BBA Jobs In Pakistan:

Now the most important point of discussion among Pakistani students is its job. 90 percent of students are studying just to find a better job after completion of their degree. Less employment as compared to graduates is a separate story. But this time, we have seen that you have the following job opportunities after BBA in Pakistan.

  • Bank Manager
  • Business Consultants
  • Business Administration Researcher
  • Business Administration Professor
  • Finance Managers
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Information Systems Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Management Accountants
  • Marketing Managers
  • Research and Development Managers

BBA Salary In Pakistan:

As it is obvious from the above jobs after BBA, there are lots of careers in BBA that are available except for the banking jobs. So the salaries also vary from department to department. But the ongoing trends in Pakistan for that are employees are taking the starting salary of Rs. 30, 000/- to 35, 000/- per month. Very rare cases are also available for those who take the starting salary after BBA Rs. 40, 000 plus per month. The thing is, a BBA graduate can hold a good career and can earn more than enough as compared to other business or commerce degree programs.

BBA Subjects In Pakistan:

Different universities have different study plans for the BBA syllabus. But the followings are the major subjects which one has to study during eight semesters of their complete study program.

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4
·          IT in Business

·          Fundamentals of Accounting

·          Business Math – I

·          Sociology

·          English – I

·          Financial Accounting

·          Business Statistics

·          Islamic & Religious Studies

·          Psychology

·          English – II

·          Marketing Management

·          Fundamentals of Management

·          Management Accounting

·          Statistical Inference

·          Business Communication – I

·          Organizational Behavior

·          Business Finance

·          Consumer Behavior

·          Business Math – II

·          Micro Economics

Semester 5 Semester 6 Semester 7 Semester 8
·          Financial Management

·          Operations Management

·          Human Resource Management

·          Macro Economics

·          CS/MG Elective-I

·          Management Info. Systems

·          Business Law

·          Methods in Business Research

·          Financial Institutions & Markets

·          Business Communication – II

·          Strategic Management

·          Economy of Pakistan

·          Final Year Project – I

·          Pakistan Studies

·          Business Elective – II

·          Social Science Elective

·          Business Ethics

·          Entrepreneurship

·          Final Year Project – II

·          Business Elective – III

·          Business Elective – IV

BBA Admission Requirements:

Total Credit Hours of BBA in Pakistan are 126 and about 40+ courses are mandatory for claiming your degree. The CGPA criteria are followed by every University. The Minimum requirement of HEC is 2.5. Less than that is not acceptable by any University for further Masters or Postgraduates Studies.

  • Candidate must have passed their intermediate either FA, FSC, ICS, or I.COM with a Minimum 2nd Division, 45% or more marks.
  • The candidate might have done A-Levels and should have their equivalent of 45% or more marks in all the appeared subjects.
  • The majority of universities have their own entry test based on the general knowledge and current affairs for the BBA degree. So it is to be cleared too for admission in the respective degree course.

Universiteis Offering BBA In Pakistan

These are complete details about your search, BBA scope in Pakistan, subjects, careers, jobs, salary, and universities offering BBA in Pakistan. Hope you have gained for what you were searching. But in case of any further assistance please ask your comments or share your reviews about a university experience with others.

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  1. hope you all are doing well
    kindly guide me …….
    …..which test is required for BBA (hons)

    1. Assalam. O. Alaikunm!
      Dear Sir,
      BBA And B.Com. In Two Degrees may say Kon Si zayada Benefit dye Sakhti Han In Future.
      Thank you ❤️
      Kindly Reply me.
      Allah Hafiz

    2. Yes
      And B.Com teaches u basic subjects and less jobs choices as compare to BBA

      BBA teaches about account , finance , management etc etc

    1. no..bba is bachelor of business administration.. n mba is master of business administration..both r different.u can do masters after completing ur bba

  2. i am the student of b.b.a 7th semester and i was confused abt the scope of my degree now 1 more hope is repeated after reading this page

    1. sir bba ka koi faida ha ke nahi agra ha tu kis main ? jis main value ho or salary achi milee starting main

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