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BBA Scope In Pakistan

If you are searching for Bachelors of Business Administration BBA scope in Pakistan, then you are getting jobs, salary, subjects and eligibility details from this page. BBA (Hons) is a four years bachelors degree program which is based on the business and management education. It gives the students a wide exposure to the business universe and enriching them with lots of skills and abilities regarding the various functions involved in the organization. The thesis and the consultancy projects give the individual the practical know-how of the processes which are carrying down in the market actually. The course (BBA in Pakistan) is significantly designed to enhance and groom the skills regarding the communication, presentations, and entrepreneurship.

This Degree makes a student eligible for MS program without having Master degree education because it is equivalent to sixteen years of education. The knowledge given in BBA is totally of dual nature keeping in view the importance of general academic Nature as well as the integration between that academic and Practical exposure. Candidates who do this degree have various career build opportunities to grab a successful career after BBA in Pakistan jobs, salary and of course the scope. Keep on reading this article and get the details which are very helpful for you regarding this course.

BBA Scope In Pakistan, Jobs, Salary, Subjects, Eligibility

BBA Scope In Pakistan, Jobs, Salary, Subjects, Eligibility

Total Credit Hours of BBA degree is 126 and about 40+ courses are mandatory for getting the Degree. The CGPA Criteria is followed by every University. The Minimum requirement of HEC is 2.5. Less than that is not acceptable by any University for further Master or Post graduates Studies.

The Scope of BBA in Pakistan:

Bachelors of Business Administration has been the most acclaimed course among students. Each one of the third students prefers to opt this course in graduation. The reason is obvious as there is a lake of skillful business minds and bankers. Moreover, the Business administration is now involving every field of life even you are holding a banking career or doing an online business. If you know the basic fundamentals of business you can hold a more successful work in any field. That is why we can imagine the better about BBA scope in Pakistan in the job sector as well as in business matters. Just keep on reading and see that how many job opportunities and career fields are waiting for you in upcoming times.

BBA Jobs in Pakistan:

In the following list, we are telling you all the fields in which you can find a job on a post. Besides these fields, there are also many job and post opportunities which are just acquiring your skills and the perfection of work. So we just giving you an idea about BBA jobs in Pakistan list. You can find these jobs in different sectors like banks, a multinational organization working on trading, selling and purchasing. You can also apply in any accounts depart for a managerial level post.

• Business Administration Researcher

• Business Administration Professor

• Finance Managers

• Human Resource Managers

• Information Systems Managers

• Production Managers

• Management Accountants

• Marketing Managers

• Research and Development Managers

Career After BBA in Pakistan:

So now you have done Bachelors in Business Administration, and you are intending BBA career in Pakistan, we just recommend you to apply in any of these following sectors of jobs. You can apply in these institutes, organizations or companies for grabbing your career. These are the most suitable fields of work where a BBA degree holder can apply and merge.

  • Banks
  • Business Consultancies
  • Business Houses
  • Educational Institutes
  • Export Companies
  • Financial Organizations
  • Industrial Houses
  • Multinational Companies
  • Marketing Organizations


Many students want to check the BBA salary in Pakistan or the what would be the monthly income after BBA degree. So, first of all, you are informed that in Pakistan a graduate is getting minimum salary package of Rs. 30, 000/- PKR per month. But when you have a BBA degree means you are well acquainted with business and work environment. So an organization will prefer you hire first. Secondly, the salary is based on your working skills and perfection of work what you are doing. Your degree awarding institute and the organization in which you get the job. But according to an estimate, we are telling you that the starting salary after BBA would be Rs. 30 to 35 thousand per month.

BBA Subjects in Pakistan:

BBA Graduates has to Select any of field as discussed below. These are some fields which must be selected by Students in the Last year of Studies. The Majors of BBA Studies are here.

1st Semester 2nd Semester  3rd Semester 4th Semester
·          IT in Business

·          Fundamentals of Accounting

·          Business Math – I

·          Sociology

·          English – I

·          Course Name

·          Financial Accounting

·          Business Statistics

·          Islamic & Religious Studies

·          Psychology

·          English – II

·          Marketing Management

·          Fundamentals of Management

·          Management Accounting

·          Statistical Inference

·          Business Communication – I

·          Organizational Behavior

·          Business Finance

·          Consumer Behavior

·          Business Math – II

·          Micro Economics

5th Semester 6th Semester 7th Semester 8th Semester
·          Financial Management

·          Operations Management

·          Human Resource Management

·          Macro Economics

·          CS/MG Elective-I

·          Management Info. Systems

·          Business Law

·          Methods in Business Research

·          Financial Institutions & Markets

·          Business Communication – II

·          Strategic Management

·          Economy of Pakistan

·          Final Year Project – I

·          Pakistan Studies

·          Business Elective – II

·          Social Science Elective

·          Business Ethics

·          Entrepreneurship

·          Final Year Project – II

·          Business Elective – III

·          Business Elective – IV

BBA Admission Eligibility:

Now as you have seen in the above passages that how BBA degree is having importance for your educational and professional career. But are you eligible for BBA admissions in Pakistan? Below to this passage I am telling you about the eligibility criteria for BBA admission requirements in Pakistan.

  • Candidate must have passed their intermediate either FA, FSC, ICS, I.COM with Minimum 2nd Division, 45% or more marks.
  • The candidate might have done A-Levels and should have their equivalent of 45% or more marks in all the appeared subjects.
  • Majority of universities have their own entry test based on the general knowledge and current affairs for the BBA degree. So it is to be cleared too for the admission in the respective degree course.

Hence the details about BBA scope in Pakistan, jobs, salary, subjects, eligibility criteria of BBA admission requirements. Hope you are now well aware of the importance and value of Bachelors of Business Administration in Pakistan. Hope you are now well aware of this course but in case you have any query or question in your mindset regarding this course you can share your comment in the following comments.


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