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Civil Engineering In Pakistan

In Pakistan, engineering is considered to be most active and popular field. If we talk about popular and successful engineering fields then we should mention Civil Engineering In Pakistan Courses, Subject, Scope, Career Jobs. Basically, Civil Engineering is the field or discipline that includes designing, construction and maintenance of physical as well as naturally built environment. Civil Engineering is the popular and oldest field of engineering. This field includes water works, dams, power plants, rail road’s, tunnels, bridges, shipping canals, terminals, plant buildings, skyscrapers etc. Those people who are working in this field are known as Civil Engineers. For the students, we would like to discuss or mention the main objectives of B.Sc Civil Engineering and M.Sc Civil Engineering. There are various colleges and universities offering civil engineering in Pakistan. The main and important objectives are as follows:

Civil Engineering In Pakistan Courses, Subject, Scope, Career Jobs

  • The most important objective of studying B.Sc Civil Engineering and M.Sc Civil Engineering is that to ensure the building as well as safety regulations and drawing construction plans.
  • Secondly, the objective of studying Civil Engineering in Pakistan is to develop analytical and practical mind for ensuring effective and incredible output.
  • Lastly, Civil Engineering in Pakistan is very helpful for contributing towards the incredible and sustainable development.

Civil Engineering Career Scope Jobs in Pakistan

After studying the courses of B.Sc Civil Engineering or MSc Civil Engineering in Pakistan, we would like to mention the career options of Civil Engineering. The main career options are as follows:

  • Assistant Engineer.
  • Professional project manager.
  • Senior Engineer.
  • Senior Supervisory Engineer.
  • Professional city Engineer.
  • Chief Engineer.
  • Deputy Engineer.

Now the question is that what are the important areas of employment for Civil Engineering in Pakistan? The important areas of employment are as follows:

  • Government Department.
  • Private Sector.
  • Consultancy Firms.
  • Power Plants.
  • Universities and colleges.

 BSc, MSc Civil Engineering Major Subjects, Courses

For those students who want to get admission into the B.Sc, M.Sc Civil Engineering they should know about the main courses. So the main and major courses of Civil Engineering in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Environmental Engineering.
  • Geo technical Engineering.
  • Transportation Engineering.
  • Urban Engineering.
  • Materials Engineering.
  • Introduction of Water Resources Engineering.
  • Basic Coastal Engineering.
  • Surveying Engineering.
  • Basic Construction Engineering.

There are many universities that offer different courses for the Civil Engineering in Pakistan. The popular and major courses are as follows:

  • Engineering Physics.
  • Introduction of Applied Chemistry.
  • Introduction of Applied Mechanics.
  • Introduction of Engineering Graphics.

BSc, MSc Civil Engineering In Pakistan Admission Requirements

Intermediate is the minimum degree requirement for BSc Civil Engineering and Bachelor for MSc Civil engineering in Pakistan to becoming the highly qualified civil engineer. For doing research and teaching posts, we would like to mention that post graduate degree in civil engineering is must. For doing Civil Engineering in Pakistan, students should pass the entrance exam. Moreover, we would like to mention that the engineering courses are available at different levels.

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  1. sir civil engineering main admission lyna ki kia fee ha

  2. Get 75 % in DAE EXAMS

  3. my maths is not very strong.i.just finish fsc ao.tell me shall i.join civil engineering.or.not i intrested in what

  4. 74 percent marks in civil dae- and now applying 4 bachelors plzzzzz inform me

  5. Civil DAE Pass 71.7% Marks
    Bsc Civil Engineering

  6. I Am Pass DAE 71.7% Marks
    Admission Bsc Civil Engineering

  7. As-saalamalaykum
    I am a post graduate civil engineer……..u have listed main and major course……But u have missed some very important course subjects without which civil engineering is incomplete…….
    SO the important subjects of civil engineering ( on which the whole civil engineering is based )
    1) Design of Reinforced cement concrete
    2 ) Mechanics of Solids
    3 ) Bridge Engineering
    4 ) Finite element Method
    5) Structure Analysis
    6) Soil Mechanics
    7 ) Foundation Engineering
    8) Fluid Mechanics
    9) Engineering Drawing
    10 ) steel structure
    11 ) structure Dynamics
    12 ) Prestressing
    13 ) Pavement Design
    14) Strength Of Materials

    The above are the subjects on which whole Civil engineering is based. Hope u like my comment.. Thanks

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