Civil Engineering In Pakistan

If you have your interest to design and develop roads, bridges, dams and similar structures then you have to study Civil Engineering in Pakistan. We are discussing the civil engineering scope in Pakistan, jobs, salary for fresh graduates, subjects and of course the list of civil engineering universities in Pakistan. In Pakistan, engineering is considered to be the most active and popular field. And when we talk about civil engineering in Pakistan then we have a broad way of choosing the career line up. It is the popular and oldest field of engineering which includes waterworks, dams, power plants, rail road’s, tunnels, bridges, shipping canals, terminals, plant buildings, skyscrapers etc. The civil engineers in Pakistan are earning a handsome salary of civil engineering in Pakistan after completion of their undergraduate as well as a masters degree. If you also want to be in demand as a civil engineer then keep on reading this post and purify your vision before start your journey.

Civil Engineering In Pakistan

Civil Engineering In Pakistan Scope, Jobs, Salary, Subjects, Universities

Civil Engineering Scope In Pakistan:

The scope of civil engineering in Pakistan could be measured with the number of job opportunities after doing this degree program. The scope is also calculated after the amount of income per month as a fresher as well as we also measure the upcoming market of a field. Pakistan is a developing country, where the biggest need is to develop dams and roads to meet the current graph of the nation’s need. Similarly, there are lots of construction maintenance companies are also seeking for well trained and dedicated engineers who have an interest in their field. They offer a good position as well as they the earning is also having a stronger effect on the position for an individual. With the further readings of salary and jobs of civil engineering in Pakistan will explore more for you about Civil Engineering scope in Pakistan.

Civil Engineering Jobs in Pakistan:

After studying the courses of B.Sc Civil Engineering or MSc Civil Engineering in Pakistan, A candidate is hired as a fresh internee for internship period which contains on the structure of working strategy of the company by which you are working. Well, the following civil engineering jobs in Pakistan are waiting for you if you have done with this degree program.

  • Internee Civil Engineer
  • Internee Site Engineer
  • Professional Project Manager
  • Senior Engineer
  • Senior Supervisory Engineer
  • Professional city Engineer
  • Chief Engineer
  • Deputy Engineer
  • Area Engineer
  • Construction Manager

Civil Engineering Salary In Pakistan:

The starting salary of a civil engineer in Pakistan is not yet fixed because it depends on the skills, the qualification of an interneee, and also the worth of the company in which you get the job is also mattered the most. But according to an estimate which we have seen around about civil engineering salary in Pakistan is starting with Rs. 35,000/- plus per month. While a well trained and professional civil engineer is also earning more than one lakh per month while living in his own homeland.

Civil Engineering Subjects in Pakistan:

For those students who want to get admission into the B.Sc, M.Sc civil engineering in Pakistan they should know about the major subjects in this course. Civil engineering is being offered after matric where the DAE civil engineering is a three years intermediate level degree, while in undergraduate you have to study four years honors including eight semesters and in masters level program it is a two years program. Different universities offer the different scheme of study for this program but the major subjects are written down.

  • Construction Materials
  • Civil Engineering Drawing
  • Elementary Surveying
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Engineering Geology
  • Civil Engineering Construction & Graphics
  • Project & Contract Management
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Islamic & Pak Studies/Ethics
  • Construction Management
  • Structural Analysis
  • Engineering Hydrology
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Irrigation Engineering
  • Pavement & Foundation Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Hydraulic Engineering
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Civil Engineering In Pakistan Requirements:

  • Intermediate or DAE civil engineering with 50% marks is a requirement for BSc Civil Engineering
  • BSc Civil engineering with 2.5 CGPA or second division is eligible for MSc Civil engineering
  • Combined entry test i.e. ECAT or another test according to the rules of your admission is also necessary to attempt

These are complete details of civil engineering in Pakistan scope, jobs, salary, subjects, universities offering Civil engineering. I am hoping that you have gained all for what you were searching for but in case of any further query or inquiry, you can send your comment in the following commenting section. We are trying to convey the Civil Engineering scope in Pakistan with full of its aspects and details for a beginner student. If you have any comment or suggestion for other students you can send your comments in the following comments.

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  1. my maths is not very strong.i.just finish fsc ao.tell me shall i.join civil engineering.or.not i intrested in what

    1. I think you should to Bs urdu or english or any arts subject
      Because the scope of arts is very high if your GPA is better

  2. As-saalamalaykum
    I am a post graduate civil engineer……..u have listed main and major course……But u have missed some very important course subjects without which civil engineering is incomplete…….
    SO the important subjects of civil engineering ( on which the whole civil engineering is based )
    1) Design of Reinforced cement concrete
    2 ) Mechanics of Solids
    3 ) Bridge Engineering
    4 ) Finite element Method
    5) Structure Analysis
    6) Soil Mechanics
    7 ) Foundation Engineering
    8) Fluid Mechanics
    9) Engineering Drawing
    10 ) steel structure
    11 ) structure Dynamics
    12 ) Prestressing
    13 ) Pavement Design
    14) Strength Of Materials

    The above are the subjects on which whole Civil engineering is based. Hope u like my comment.. Thanks

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