Criminology Scope In Pakistan

Criminology is the branch of sociology it refers to the scientific study of crimes and criminal behaviors. It is concerned with the learning of latest and modern techniques and methods of criminal investigation. As we all know that Pakistan is become the victim of criminal activities badly since so many year, that why it is the necessary subject or field to study. There is a huge criminology scope in Pakistan and demand of Criminology in Pakistan and huge number of job opportunities is prevailing every time. every year public sectors of Pakistan declare the vacancies for the different posts for criminologist in NAB, FIA, Police Training Colleges, Anti corruption Departments etc. There are number of college and universities which are offering criminology at Bachelors and Masters Level.

You can further find below regarding scope and career in criminology jobs in Pakistan with lots of opportunities. Also get brief details of its major subjects and the list of universities which are offering criminology at bachelors and masters level.

Criminology Scope In Pakistan

Criminology Scope In Pakistan, Jobs, Salary, Subjects, Offering Universities

Criminology Scope In Pakistan:

The scope of criminology is very vast. Criminologists investigate the criminal activities with modern methods and techniques to collect the true facts and figures. There are so many job and career opportunities in both private and public sectors in Pakistan. Criminology is the best choice to study in the current age due to its rising scope and demand and it is expected that it gain boom position in the upcoming decade. I recommend studying criminology in order to make your future bright and develop competitive guts in your personality to challenge the future situations.

Criminology Jobs In Pakistan:

There are so many job areas where a criminologist can easily apply after Bachelors and Masters Degree in Criminology with handsome salary package. Few of the job areas are listed below.

  • NAB
  • Military Forces
  • Armed Forces
  • FIA
  • Anti Corruption Departments
  • Forensic Labs
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Jails
  • Police Training Colleges
  • Investigation Departments
  • Universities/Educational Institutes

Criminology Salary In Pakistan:

A criminologist with Bachelors and Masters Degree can easily apply as investigation officer, Crime Reporter, Public Prosecutor, NGO activist, Criminal Lawyer, Court Reporter, Writer, Professor in Training Centers, Consultant, Criminal Psychologist, and writer etc. Forensic Science and Criminology considered the same and falling on the list of a highest paying job all over the world. The estimated salary of Bachelors in Criminology starts from 40,000 to 150,000 in Pakistan and for Masters in Criminology starts from 50,000 to 200,000.

Criminology Subjects In Pakistan:

  1. Introduction to Criminology / Sociology / Psychology / Security Studies
  2. Drug Abuse and Related Crimes in Pakistan
  3. Importance of Forensic Science in Criminology
  4. Policing and Investigation in Pakistan
  5. Crimes and Criminology in Pakistan
  6. Criminal Investigation Methods and Theories
  7. Research Methods
  8. Latest Research in Criminal Psychology
  9. Use of Computer Technology

Criminology In Pakistan Offering Universities:

There is a number of universities which are offering BS and MS in Criminology in Pakistan. The list of these universities is mentioned below in detail.

Yet the complete details about criminology scope in Pakistan, jobs, salary, subjects, offering universities list is here. Either you want to do BSc criminology or MSc criminology you have to complete the above written criteria. When a candidate will done with this field of studies he or she can pursue a successful career in the above written carrier lines.

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