ETEA Medical Entry Test Preparation 2020 Online MCQs

Here we are providing you the ETEA Medical Entry Test Preparation 2020 Online MCQs. So, if you have passed FSC Pre-Medical and now looking forward to getting admission to the top Medical and Dental Colleges of KPK, then here is the procedure. If you don’t know about the entry test, then let me clear that if you want to get admission in any Public or Private Medical and Dental College in KPK, then you must have to clear this test. It is the same as the UHS MDCAT for Punjab Province. Although there are several programs offered after FSC Pre-Medical like MBBS, BDS, and Allied Health Sciences. But the preference of students is to become a doctor or dentist. For this year’s admissions, this test is going to be conducted on 18th October 2020.

Every year before the registration for the test, there are some requirements that a student should meet so that he/she can apply for the test. For example, the students with at least 65% marks in FSC Pre-Medical are eligible to apply for admission. The first preference of the student should be getting full marks, and for this, the preparation for the test must be good enough. Remember that the merit for admissions increases every year and this year, there is also a possibility of increasing the merit. So, the students should be ready for it. Here we are providing ETEA Medical Entry Test Preparation 2020 Online MCQs. Scroll down for getting all the MCQs for the Entry Test.

ETEA Medical Entry Test Preparation 2020 Online MCQs

The Khyber Medical College KMU is the authority that is responsible for the admission in Medical and Dental Colleges in KPK. It has appointed the ETEA testing service for the Entry test for Medical students. There are 17 colleges for MBBS and 10 departments and colleges for BDS in which the admissions are offered to the students. So, it is going to conduct the entry test this year. We are providing Medical Entry Test Preparation 2020 Online MCQs here. Prepare for the test here.

ETEA Medical Entry Test Preparation 2020 Online MCQs

ETEA Medical Entry Test Syllabus

Before conducting the entry test, the syllabus for the test is released. The test is made from this syllabus and if you want to prepare for ETEA Medical Entry Test Preparation 2020 Online MCQs, then here we are providing you the best source for it. Down here, you can check the syllabus and entry test preparation MCQs. So, this is the way you can prepare for the test.

Topic No. Biology Chemistry Physics English
1 Cell Structure & Function Stoichiometry Measurements Vocabulary
2 Biological Molecules Atomic Structure Vectors and Equilibrium Control of tenses and sentence structure
3 Enzymes Theories of Covalent Bonding and Shapes of Molecules Forces and Motion Correct use of subject-verb agreement
4 Bioenergetics Gases Work and Energy Correct Use of Articles and Prepositions
5 A cellular Life Liquid Rotational and Circular Motion Use of Narrations and Voice
6 Prokaryotes Solids Fluid Dynamics
7 Protists and Fungi Chemical Equilibrium Oscillations
8 Diversity among plants Acids, Bases & Salts Waves
9 Diversity among animals Chemical Kinetics Physical Optics
10 Form and function in plants Solutions and Colloids Thermodynamics
11 Digestion Thermochemistry Electrostatics
12 Circulation Electrochemistry Current Electricity
13 Immunity S- and P- Block Elements Electromagnetism
14 Respiration Transition Elements Electromagnetic Induction
15 Homeostasis Organic Compounds Alternating Current
16 Support and Movement Hydrocarbons Physics of Solids
17 Nervous Coordination Alkyl Halides and Amines Electronics
18 Chemical Coordination Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers Dawn of Modern Physics
19 Behavior Carbonyl Compounds Atomic Spectra
20 Reproduction Biochemistry Nuclear Physics
21 Development and aging Industrial Chemistry
22 Inheritance Environmental Chemistry
23 Chromosomes and DNA Analytical Chemistry
24 Evolution
25 Man and His Environment
26 Biotechnology
27 Biology and Human Welfare

ETEA Medical Entry Test Pattern

There is a pattern for the Entry test and the paper is conducted from this pattern. It includes a specific number of MCQs from all the subjects. So, all the students are advised to continue their Medical Entry Test Preparation according to the given schedule.

Total MCQs 200
Time 150 minutes
Negative Marking No
Biology MCQs 80
Chemistry MCQs 60
Physics MCQs 40
English MCQs 20

The students must get at least passing marks to be considered for merit. After this, the merit list will be displayed and the students who will be on the list will get admission. So, it is a very important process. The selection will be made based on Matric, FSC, and Medical Test marks. Those who will have good merit will get admission. But for this, the students should have the best ETEA Medical Entry Test Preparation. That’s why you are here for. So, we have provided enough content for the students to get an idea about the MCQs that come in the test. So, this is all about ETEA Medical Entry Test Preparation 2020 Online MCQs. Hopefully, you got all the information regarding the Entry Test Preparation.