MDCAT Entry Test Preparation 2022 Online MCQs

We are providing MDCAT Entry Test Preparation 2022 Online MCQs here for the students who are going to appear in the Medical and Dental College Admission Test. Hopefully, all the students know the importance of this test very well. If a student has passed FSC Pre-Medical, then the next step is to take admission to any medical or dental college. There are several programs offered to medical students including MBBS, BDS, Nursing, Allied Health Sciences, etc. But the priority of every student is to study MBBS or BDS. They want to become a doctor or dentist in the future. For this, there are some requirements that they should meet. The first one is to take admission to any best public or private college. So, here you are going to get the National MDCAT Entry Test Preparation 2022.

MDCAT Entry Test Preparation 2022 Online MCQs

The Medical and Dental Entry Test is being conducted by UHS since the year 2008 (with a new policy from 2017). Before this, it was conducted by King Edward Medical University. But this year, the National MDCAT will be conducted by PMC. It is a test based on 200 MCQs from subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English. So, here we are providing the complete entry test preparation in which, they can get MCQs from all the subjects. You just have to click on the subject and the chapter you want to study. This is the MDCAT Entry Test Preparation 2022 Online MCQs.

Topic No. Biology                     Chemistry Physics English
1 Cell Biology Fundamental Concepts Atomic Spectra Comprehend Key Vocabulary
2 Biological Molecules States of Matter (Gases, Liquids, Solids)
Motion and Force Control of Tenses and Sentence Structure
3 Microbiology Atomic Structure Work and Energy Correct use of Subject-verb
4 Kingdom Animalia Chemical Bonding Circular Motion Correct Use of Articles and Prepositions
5 Gas Exchange
Nervous System
Digestive System
Thermochemistry and Chemical Energetics Oscillation Correct Use of Spelling, Capitalization, and Punctuation
6 Ecosystem
Electrochemistry Waves
7 Transportation Chemical Equilibrium Electronics
8 Homeostasis Reaction Kinetics Heat & Thermodynamics
9 Evolution Periods Electrostatics
10 Reproduction Groups Current Electricity
11 Support and Movement Compounds of Nitrogen and Sulphur Electromagnetism
12 Hormonal Control Transition Elements Electromagnetic Induction
13 Genetics Fundamental Principles of Organic Chemistry Nuclear Physics
14 Bioenergetics Hydrocarbons Dawn of Modern Physics
15 Biotechnology Alkyl Halides
16 Alcohols and Phenols
17 Aldehydes and Ketones
18 Carboxylic Acids
19 Macromolecules

MDCAT 2022 Pattern

There are a special pattern and syllabus for each subject. The students applying for the test must know the subjects and the topics that he/she should study. PMC also declares the test syllabus and pattern before the test. So, here we are providing you with the marks distribution of the test.

Total MCQs 200
Time Allowed 3.5 hours
Biology MCQs 68
Chemistry MCQs 54
Physics MCQs 54
English MCQs 18
Logical Reasoning 6

The test is not from the whole book. It comes from the topics given by PMC in the syllabus. Many topics are not related to the MDCAT and hence they are skipped. So, the students should check all the topics important for the test and they will prepare for the test without any difficulty. That’s why this syllabus is very important for the students.

MDCAT Entry Test Preparation 2022 Online MCQs

Fee for MDCAT 2022

To get registered for the entry test, the student has to follow some procedures. When the registration is started, the students first have to visit the PMC official site. There the registration process is given. You first have to get the admission form and fill it out by giving all the required information. Then you have to generate the fee challan of Rs.6000/- and deposit it to the prescribed bank. After filling out the application, submit it online. So, this is the procedure to apply for the MDCAT Entry Test Preparation 2022 Online MCQs.

Merit Calculation Formula

After the test, the students need to know some info about the test. It includes the aggregate formula for the test, test result date, the starting of the admission process in different colleges, and merit list date. The most important thing is to calculate the aggregate by the formula. The formula to calculate the aggregate is given below.

MDCAT 2022 Score 50%
FSC Pre-Medical Marks 40%
Matric Marks 10%

Aggregate Marks: 

(Marks obtained in Matric/Total Marks in Matric x 1100 x 0.10) + (obtained in FSC/Total Marks in FSC x 1100 x 0.40) +
(Marks obtained in MDCAT/Total Marks in MDCAT x 1100 x 0.50) = Aggregate Marks

After calculating your merit, you should wait for the merit list. The list will be displayed by PMC according to the schedule. The registration is on the way and the last date to apply is 5th July 2022. After this, you can apply with a late fee from 6th July to 15th July 2022. There will be some news for the test in the upcoming days and you can check the dates here for MDCAT Entry Test 2022.

Before taking admission, there are some requirements to become eligible for admission. For example, the minimum marks a student should have in the FSC Pre-Medical are 65% (previously it was 70%). Then the next thing is to register for the MDCAT. The National MDCAT 2022 will be conducted by PMC this year which was previously conducted by UHS as UHS MDCAT. So, this year the National PMC MDCAT 2022 will be conducted. So, if you are giving the entry test, then your priority should be getting more than 95% marks. One thing that students should keep in mind is that if they have very good marks in FSC Pre-Medical but they failed to get good marks in MDCAT, then there the possibility of getting admission will be very low. This year, the entry test is expected to be held in August-September. So, Online MDCAT preparation for 2022 is very important.

MDCAT Merit List

After the test, the result will be declared a few days after it. The selection of students on the list will depend upon the aggregate. So, if you will have your name on the list, then the next step is to deposit the fee and documents. This is the admission procedure for admissions.

So, we have provided the MDCAT Entry Test Preparation 2022 Online MCQs here. If you want to get good marks on the test, then don’t waste your time and start preparing for the test now. You need to give full time to it because there are no other ways to get admission to the top Medical or dental colleges. The final merit could increase or decrease this year. Now students should be ready for any possibility and prepare according to the requirements. The MCQs we have given in this post are the most important and these are repeated more than twice in the Entry Test. So, prepare for the test from more than one source and solve as many MCQs as you can to get good marks in MDCAT Entry Test 2022. So, this is all about MDCAT Entry Test Preparation 2022 Online MCQs. Hopefully, you are confident about the post. Give us feedback in the comment section.