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A Level Subjects Offered In Pakistan Compulsory List

Have you done you O levels and going to get admission in A Levels? Just read this post about A level subjects offered in Pakistan compulsory list because selecting your subjects. Your subjects carry great importance for you about your educational and professional career. It is because if you want to go in MBBS for becoming a doctor you have to choose Biology, physics and mathematics while those who want to do BSc engineering or any engineering program have to choose Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Similarly there are lot of optional and compulsory subjects combinations which one can choose and select according to his/ her O levels subjects or according to your though in future about your bachelors admissions. Scope of A levels is much superior then a student who have done FSc or intermediate but the thing that matters is your selection of subjects and obtained marks. So even you are doing A levels you should focus on your studies so that you can obtain excellent marks and your performance during your session is 100% according to your O/ A level schools and college criteria. O/ A levels is holds and managed by Cambridge International Examination (CIE) and its syllabus is different than BISE Text syllabus and totally in English based educational criterion. Have a look down to this page for getting A levels subjects combinations.

A Level Subjects Offered In Pakistan Compulsory List

A Level Subjects Offered In Pakistan Compulsory List

A Level Compulsory Subjects

  1. English
  2. Global Perspectives (IGCSE)
  3. Islamiyat
  4. Mathematics
  5. Pakistan Studies
  6. Urdu (Second Language)

A Levels Optional/ Selective Subjects

Students have to choose any one group from 1 to 6 and if want to add an additional subject can choose from group 7. Students who want to choose medicine or pure sciences must have done O levels in these subjects.

·          Group 1


1.        Biology

2.        Chemistry

3.        Physics

·          Group 2

Pure Sciences

1.        Biology

2.        Chemistry

3.        Mathematics

4.        Physics

·          Group 3


1.        Chemistry

2.        Computer Science

3.        Mathematics

4.        Physics

·          Group 4

General Sciences

1.        Economics

2.        Mathematics

3.        Physics

·          Group 5


1.        Accounting

2.        Business Studies

3.        Economics

4.        Mathematics

·          Group 6

Liberal Arts

1.        Business Studies

2.        History

3.        Law

4.        Literature in English

5.        Media Studies

6.        Psychology

7.        Sociology

·          Group 7

Cross-listed Subjects

1.        Art & Design

2.        Applied Information & Communication Technology

3.        Further Mathematics

4.        Global Perspectives of Research

5.        Government & Politics

6.        Thinking Skills

7.        Urdu


So these are the A level subjects offered in Pakistan compulsory list of groups of different faculties like science, medical, engineering, arts or commerce. I suggest you that must choose those subjects which you have studied in your matriculation or O levels and you want your further educational and professional career in the same subjects. Moreover you can ask your FAQs and comments in the following comment section below of this passage; thank you!


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  2. My son is taking group 5 i.e commerce and maths is in this group and also in compulsary subjects so plz explain me this how to go with this.

  3. I want that after doing o,level which subjects in Alevel my son should take which is beneficial for css and also for business studies.

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