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Forensic Science In Pakistan

We live in the world of science and Technology. Pakistan is falling on the list of top countries with respect to the growth of science and technology. Forensic science is one of the fields of science in which scientific method and techniques are used to examine or investigate a particular thing by a court of law. The scope of forensic science in Pakistan is very high as you know Pakistan is badly victim of crime. It refers to the investigation and collects details and evidence of criminal activities. Our investigation department needs some professional type of forensic scientists to investigate truly and collect original evidence. There are few of universities in Pakistan which are offering Forensic science in Pakistan academic disciplines. There are so many forensic academic disciplines at undergraduate, graduate and masters level. We are going to explore some of the important information regarding scope and career in forensic science, job opportunities and salary of forensic science in Pakistan and the list of universities in Pakistan.

Forensic Science Scope, Jobs, Salary In Pakistan Offering Universities

Forensic Science Scope, Jobs, Salary In Pakistan Offering Universities

Forensic Science Scope In Pakistan:

The scope of forensic science in Pakistan is very high because of the high ratio of criminal activities. We must require some professional forensic scientists in order to investigate well and truly. Even every state must require a forensic science in Pakistan department in order to investigate the crime. Our police departments are not able to investigate well because it must require some professional forensic officer to investigate and collect true evidence of criminal activity. There so many government departments are running in Pakistan which offers employment opportunities in forensic science.

Forensic Science Jobs In Pakistan:

A forensic scientist can easily get job in any of the department listed below:

  • NAB
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Anti Corruption Department
  • Forensic Labs
  • Police Training Colleges
  • FIA
  • Armed Forces
  • Investigation Departments
  • Military Police
  • Courts
  • Colleges/Universities

Forensic Science Salary In Pakistan:

There is a huge number of job opportunities for forensic science in Pakistan. So many investigation department and agencies are running which recruit every year a huge number of employees. A forensic Science degree holder can easily apply as investigation officer, consultant, writer, criminal psychologist, public prosecutor, criminal lawyer, crime reporter, instructor in training institutes and NGO activist etc. Forensic Science is one of the highest paying jobs compared to other professions not only in Pakistan but almost every country in the world. The starting salary of a forensic scientist is Rs. 55,630 annually. A forensic scientist having masters degree can earn more than a BS forensic that is Rs. 94,800 annually. But sometimes it may vary from department to department. I recommend studying forensic science in order to build a successful bright career.

Forensic Science Courses in Pakistan:

There are few of universities which are offering Forensic Science in Pakistan. You can also do a diploma in forensic science from Government College University. There are so many further study options in the field of chemistry and science. There is bachelors and masters program in Forensic Science offering few of leading universities in Pakistan specially designed for Forensic education. Below listed universities are offering BS and Master degree in Forensic Science. The course offering by most of the universities includes;

  • Molecular Biology
  • Forensic Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Genetics
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Immunology
  • Serology

Forensic Science Offering Universities:

Hence these are all the details about forensic science scope, jobs, salary in Pakistan offering universities. You can take admission in BSc forensic science and MSc forensic science for the sake of studies. The term criminology in Pakistan refers to police department or any department which is concern to the detection department.

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