Present Perfect Tense Exercises In Urdu To English Examples

Present perfect tense exercises in Urdu to English examples are put into practice here. So if you are seeking to learn the present perfect tense in a simple and easily understandable way then keep reading this page and make your practice to keep remembering this tense in your mindset. Well, the present perfect tense has great importance in speaking, writing, or talking in English. It is because it relates to that condition of time in which the work has been done, such as “It has stopped the rain, I have written a letter, etc”. Furthermore, the conditions of negative and interrogative are also interrupted in it as well.

Present Perfect Tense Exercises In Urdu To English Examples 

we will learn the identification, Forms of verbs used in this tense, and the use of ‘has/have’ with negative and interrogative sentences. Moreover here below you will also learn the difference between present perfect and past indefinite. It is because most students mixed these sentences but the rapid exercise and practice will make you able to recognize and identify these both tenses easily. Keep reading below…

Identification of Present Perfect Tense

Those sentences, in which we discuss a work that has been done or completed but the time is not mentioned for that work are known as Present Perfect Tense. For example when we when we tell someone that “I have written a letter” (present perfect tense) in this sentence the time is not mentioned either when we have written the letter.

Use of ‘Have’ / ‘Has’

In the present perfect tense, we use ‘Has’ and ‘Have’ as helping verbs

  • He, She, It, Singular = Has
  • I, We, They, You, and Plural = Have

Negative Sentences

In the case of the negative present perfect tense, we use not after has and Have and the other sentence would remain the same as the simple perfect tense. Such as “The Hen has not laid an egg”. In this sentence ‘Hen’ is a singular name so we use has and after we use not and the other sentence is telling the story.

Present Perfect Tense Exercises In Urdu To English Examples

Interrogative Sentences

In case when we ask about work has been done or not is known as a present perfect interrogative sentence. In this case, we bring has or Have (according to the subject) at the start of the sentence, and the other sentence remain as same as simple or interrogative.

Important Note

Mostly Students mixed the past indefinite with the present perfect. Both these sentences discussed work that has been done but in the past indefinite, the exact time is mentioned while in the case of the present perfect tense, the date or time is not mentioned as when the work has been done. So you should make your practice through the following exercise in Urdu.

Present Perfect Tense Exercises In Urdu To English Examples,

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So this is all about Present perfect tense exercises in Urdu to English examples. We hope that you are now ready to make your own sentence in the following comment box. The easiest way to develop your typing speed and your perfect practice is the comment box we are providing you below. Thank you for learning the present perfect tense with us.

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