Present Continuous Tense In Urdu Exercise Sentences

Here you are going to learn the present continuous tense in Urdu. We have prepared exercises with sentences in Urdu so that you can easily understand and these could be stored in your mind for a long time. Here you will learn the identification and use of forms of verbs for interrogative and negative sentences in both Urdu and English. Well; the importance of this tense is too vast in our daily life when we are talking in English. It is because the present continuous tense represents the current happening or ongoing work, we are or someone is performing. So that is why when we are speaking or writing English in our daily routine we use this sentence the most. One of the famous and understandable examples of present continuous tense is “I am eating”. In this tense, we are telling someone about the breakfast, lunch, or dinner we are doing. Keep reading for step-by-step courses on present continuous tense.

Present Continuous Tense In Urdu Exercise Sentences

The word ‘present’ represents the current time that is passing through, the word ‘continuous’ means work we are or someone is doing or an ongoing work, and the word ‘Tense’ means conditions that make a sense of complete sentence. So, present Continuous Tense is tense in which we discuss what we are currently doing, making or something is happening such as “It is raining”, I am eating, He is going, I am writing a letter.

Identification of Present Continuous Tense

  • After _He, She, It and singular subject or Name of a Person _ we use ‘is’ and add “ing” after 1st form of a verb.
  • While after _ I, We, They, You and plural subject _we use “am” / “are” and use “ing” after 1st form of a verb.

Negative Sentences

In case of negative sentences, we write ‘Not’ between Subject and Verb with Ing for example

Ali is not smoking, the teacher is not teaching, etc…

Interrogative Sentences?

In the case of Interrogative sentences, we use Is, Are, and Am at the beginning of a sentence and other sentence remains the same for 1st form of the verb and use of ing such as “Are you waiting for me? Is Ali Smoking? Etc…

Present Continuous Tense In Urdu Exercise Sentences 1

Interrogative Negative Sentences

In case of interrogative negative we use Is, Are, Am or helping verb at the beginning of a sentence, and then we subject He, She, I, we They, You and then use “Not” and the other sentence will remain as same as negative or interrogative Such as

Is, Are, Am (Helping Verb)

He, She, I, We, They, You, and name of a person (Subject)

Long Interrogative Sentences

In the case of an interrogative sentence when the name of a subject is hidden and we use “Who” and “Why” (reason) then, such types of sentences became Long Interrogative sentences and we bring “Who” and “Why” at the beginning of a sentence.

Present Continuous Tense In Urdu Exercise Sentences 2

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So all about Present Continuous Tense In Urdu Exercise Sentences has been presented here. We hope that you are now fully aware and learned the Present Continuous tenses and are ready to make your own sentences of present continuous tenses. We suggest you make your practice online by sending your comments in the following comment box.

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