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English Vocabulary With Urdu Meaning

Vocabulary is the collection of words use in a particular language. As much you are aware with the meaning of a thing in a particular language as well you can speak or understand this language. As we are on the course of learn English language in Urdu, so here I have arranged a list of English vocabulary with Urdu meaning. Through this list you are getting daily used common English words with eatable grocery items, vegetables, fruits, animal, birds and part of body name. We are also teaching you the daily use English sentence with Urdu meaning. You are also informing that these are just Basic English vocabulary words which are best for an under-matric, matric or intermediate student. Bachelor student or anyone who have interest in learning English language course can get benefited with this page. Now scroll down to get English vocabulary with Urdu meaning.

English Vocabulary With Urdu Meaning

English Vocabulary With Urdu Meaning

Basic English Vocabulary:

In the following table you are seeing a table with different categories of term vocabulary. You can click on any of the following to get it open and to read it in details.

When you have learned the Basic English vocabulary with Urdu meaning then you should also be aware with the use of these words in sentences according to tenses. In the following side a very important step to learn a correct vocabulary is written in the down side.

For getting more details and to start spoken English course online, you just have to click on the following button.

Spoken English Course

Hence these are all the English vocabulary with Urdu meaning. If you learn this vocabulary then you are ready to start your course towards professional learning i.e. IELTS, TOEFL and TOEC. Besides these if you still want to increase your vocabulary then a good tip about to learn vocabulary is to make your habit to learn at least five or ten words from dictionary and keep on practice on whole day and I assure you that after a month you will have a lot of vocabulary in your mind and you will be able to grip the English language in the better way.

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