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Pronoun Definition And Examples In Urdu Kinds Of Pronoun

Pronoun definition is that a word which is used in place of any subject name so that we can avoid the repetition of a one name (noun). For example when we said “Ali is a good boy, He use to go for a morning walk daily”. In this sentence ‘Ali’ is a noun while after coma the word ‘He’ is a pronoun. Similarly he, she, His, him, I, you, they, she, someone, everybody etc. are pronoun which are used at the place of noun. So according to the phrase and grammar rules there are total seven kinds of pronouns which we use according to the condition of a sentence and tenses. While learning parts of speech you must be familiar with every part of speech and these are considered as the base of any sentence. It is also suggested and advised you that make up your practice as well as you can so that your practice and memory could be sharper and you can learn English language course soon as possible with a great perfection and accuracy. Keep on reading this post to get further about pronoun definition and examples in Urdu kinds of pronoun…

Pronoun Definition And Examples In Urdu Kinds Of Pronoun

Here are some other examples and Exercise of Pronouns for your more clarity

  • Ali, Mobin and Majid Visit Murree Last Week, They Enjoyed a lot there.
  • He Broke My Kneecaps.
  • Anybody who says it would be an easy job has no clue what they are talking about

In these three sentences we use different pronouns which are classified into its types and you will be clearer with it after reading the kinds of pronouns given below.

Pronoun Definition And Examples In Urdu Kinds Of Pronoun

Parts of Speech

Kinds Of Pronoun

Distributive Pronoun
Personal Pronoun

Hence this is all about pronoun definition and examples in Urdu kinds of pronoun. Hope you are learning in a good way and easier language that is more understandable for you having this course in Urdu but in case you have any further confusion or suggestion about this course you can send your comments to us via comment box below of this passage.

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